Rest while the rest of us help you

When you give up your attachments to thoughts that cause you stress, what truly Is can manage the illusion. At any moment, you can allow what truly Is to manage all of time and space. When you are identifying with and as a character who is just as much an illusion as time and space, you feel you might get swept away if you allow what truly Is to handle what you made. You are not the character, you are not time, and you are not space. You are what truly Is.

You want what truly Is to manage the illusion because it is much easier and happier.
In your quiet moments, you can see this, and in your noisier moments, you are listening to egoic thought. We invite you into the extension of those quiet moments. Is there any reason to leave the quiet? What would tempt you to leave the quiet to enter the raucous? We invite you to look at this today.

If you think you can get any personal gain from manipulating the illusion, you will block what truly is from managing it for you. This means that you willingly hold onto tension. You willingly hold onto stress. You willingly hold onto unhappiness. You hold onto these things when you believe there is a self who can be served by the illusion. Self-interest and the idea of the advancement or protection of a self separate from other selves–this is what is required for ego to function. This is what is required for unhappiness.

Unhappiness is actually harder than happiness. Unhappiness actually requires complex conceptual twists and turns–a merry dance on which ego leads you. You have been trained so well that you believe the habitual and exhausting dancing is easier than the still, just-beingness of happiness. You have trained the illusion to teach and teach you that this is so. You can allow this whole perception to collapse now, and you have abundant help in the dismantling of the illusion.

It’s like you have a willing servant to ease your burden, but you keep saying, “No, thanks.” We invite you to say, “Yes, please,” today. If you notice stress or tension at any time, we invite you to pause before plunging into the world to find a reason for it, before defining a problem, and before going on a quest to fix any problem. We invite you to this:
1. Stop
2. Recognize that the stress is an alarm that goes off when you are refusing something that could help you.
3. Find your willingness to accept the help that brings you to happiness.
4. Find your willingness to allow inspiration to run the character you see as yourself.
5. Ask to see all other characters in the healing drama through the lens of love and clarity.

We invite you to rest. Rest while the rest of us help you. We are Unity, and we are the only one there truly is. When you rest, what you really do is to join perceptually the Unity we are. When you allow assistance, you allow Unity to run the illusion. There is no problem with allowing Unity to run the illusion, when Unity is what you are. When you rest, you rest in us, as us. This is where you belong. In truth, this is where you have always been.

We invite you to rest today, and we invite you to see that the reason we are so helpful is that we work from eternal rest.

Photo by Marcus Dall Col on Unsplash

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