Repost: What thought can come into this space?

This is a repost from January 24, 2018 💚 What thought can come into this space? As you ask this question, notice the interval before a thought shows up. Notice the intervals between thoughts. If a thought enters that is disturbing, it has come into a sacred place--a place of light and love. The … Continue reading Repost: What thought can come into this space?

Everything begins to look perfect We invite you to make one distinction in feeling today: Notice the effortlessness versus the effortful when it comes to action. You are starting to understand the difference between ego's idea of agency and the flow that is always waiting for you underneath that. When you let go of the idea of agency, you … Continue reading Everything begins to look perfect

From ego roles to inspiration Today we invite you to notice your definition of roles for yourself and others, and all of the expectations that go along with that. You invent limiting and constricting roles for the characters in your drama because of fear. You are completely supported and held by the all-pervasive Love that is everywhere, in every … Continue reading From ego roles to inspiration

The splendor of the Real When an actor comes to you in this drama in thought or in the physical, and you seem to be disturbed by their appearance, actions, words, or what you would call their energy, remember that you have hired that actor. You have called the actor to you in that form, so what is left … Continue reading The splendor of the Real

Seeing through the comedy When you are feeling disturbed, it is because you are seeing things as separate. Seeing things as separate and giving those separate things separate values is a deeply ingrained habit for you. It doesn't make what you are wrong. It doesn't make what anyone else is wrong. Remember always that you and all, as … Continue reading Seeing through the comedy

Lean on the Constant What is present everywhere is always waiting to speak to you. It's just that when you have placed your focus upon the minuscule, the immense fades into the background. We invite you to make the immense your central focus, the lens through which you view the minuscule. When you make the immense your central … Continue reading Lean on the Constant