Focus on the glow

You exist beyond all physical laws. There seem to be many laws of physical cause and effect to which you are subject, but you exist prior to all physicality. We invite you to notice where you are reactive to seeming laws of physicality. We don’t ask you to try to break or ignore these laws. Simply notice any reactivity. That is your starting point.

Remember that you are not the body. When you are reactive to physical laws, you are identifying as the body. We do not ask you to stop identifying as the body. We ask that you simply notice when you are doing so. To identify as a body means that you must be concerned and defensive. You are concerned about old age, sickness, injury, comfort, and attractiveness. Your work with thought is going to lift you out of these concerns. When you bring these concerns into the light each time you notice them, they begin to dissolve.

You are experiencing the perception of physical cause and effect by your choice. You can allow this perception to change, and it is inevitable that you will do so. As you allow your perceptions about physical cause and effect to change, your concepts of victim and aggressor will lose their foundations. What you no longer perceive, you will no longer experience.

Your focus is important. When you are focusing upon stressful thinking, notice that belief in the stressful thoughts requires that you believe in separate identity and in victimhood. Allow one belief to go, and you begin to allow the entire false foundation of victimhood–separate ones as victims to conditions and others, to go.

Now that you know that you come from beyond all physical laws and that you exist right now beyond all physical laws, you have a choice about where to place your focus. Whatever you focus upon expands in your experience.

When you are concerned about yourself or another self, focus upon the Self that is beyond all separation and beyond all physical limitation. This is the place from which inspiration can flow into your daily experience. If you are experiencing any challenges or problems, inspiration will show you how to respond.

We are glowing in the birthplace of inspiration, and you are here with us.

Photo byย freestocksย onย Unsplash

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