Training your gaze on the Light

Spirit will show you where the light is in every situation. To see the light in any situation, you only have to ask: “Please show me the light.” It truly is that simple, and you don’t even have to say “please.” All Spirit needs is your willingness to set condemnation down and to witness to what is Real everywhere and in everyone.

Spirit will show you where the light is in every one you call person. Whenever you feel any tension with or about a person, any judgment, any sense of limitation, appeal to Spirit: “Spirit, show me the light.” Spirit guides you to look deep, past the surface of what you think you are seeing and experiencing. Spirit always shows you the beauty of the inner light and gives you the power and the patience to gaze upon it in happiness.

It is not possible that this light could be absent in anyone.  If the flame goes out in any aspect of the Oneness, the flame is forever extinguished within you. But this is not possible. Because the light of peace cannot be extinguished within you, it cannot be extinguished within any “other” one. Gaze upon this light, and you light up a pathway for all to see the presence of light everywhere.

As you see the light with ease “out there,” you become aware of the light present “in here.” You become aware of the light because it is one light. In other words, as you forgive others and allow their true Selves to be revealed, you come to know your Self as you truly Are and always have been. It happens in the “outer” and “inner” at the same time because there is no separation between the two. Inner and outer are and always have been One.

As you focus upon and celebrate the light, that which seemed to be obscuring it disappears. “Out there,” you can only see two things. You can see a reflection of the joy you are, or you can see a demonstration of how terrible you think you are. If you seem to see something “out there” that looks terrible and destructive, it’s revealing your secret thought that you yourself are terrible and destructive.

It seems to provide some temporary relief to believe that what is “wrong” is “out there,” but it is only a projection. Your projection can and will transform when you learn to train your gaze steadily on the Truth of who all Are. Please refer to Beauty and the Beast for an example. These stories are everywhere, and you will encounter helpful stories and tales as they are appropriate.

This is what the miracle is based upon. You have to be willing to allow the images of your nightmares to swirl down the drain, to acknowledge that your nightmares have never been real. By gazing upon the light everywhere, you allow what is Real to expand in your experience and in your awareness. You have the power, and you are the power because all have the power and all are the power equally. See this benign and loving power everywhere and you will allow it to shine away all perception you ever had of your Self–whether it seems to be a self over there or right here–as evil and destructive.

It truly is up to you, and we are here by your side as you decide to allow True Power to reign once and for All.

Photo by Wonderlane on Unsplash

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