The transparency of the unreal

Spirit always helps you see through what you think you are seeing. When you feel certain that you are looking upon a defect or a lack in the “other,” the defect or lack seems real. It can only ever be a projection, however. When you are truly tired of feeling unhappy, you will recognize this.

If you are seeing defect “out there,” it it is because of certainty of defect “here.” It is not possible to look out from healed perception and to see a defect anywhere. Imagine looking and seeing perfection everywhere. Is that threatening? Is there any problem with that? Is there any reason you would want to hold that away? Ego will give you many reasons to hold the perception of perfection away, and you know you are listening to ego’s reasons if you feel disturbed.

When you allow Spirit to show you that you were projecting out there to avoid facing what seems to be “in here,” Spirit can lead you out of self-hatred. This is always what you’re avoiding when you see defect “out there,” perception of self-condemnation.

Finding flaws is always an attempt to drown something out, and that something is the guilt you feel about yourself. You feel guilty because you believe you have done something wrong in making illusions, but in truth you have done nothing at all.

Spirit helps you to see the nothingness of all that you have made. You are quite safe as you face this because you are held in the Light that is Real, and that is the only thing that is Real. Spirit will never hesitate to show you what is Real if you ask.

If you find yourself in a disturbing situation, just ask, “Spirit, what is Real here?” And you will be shown. When you discover your sincere desire to know what is Real, the unreal becomes transparent because the Real is shining through it.

Once forgiveness happens, there is no out there or in here. There is only an “in here” because you project “out there.” Forgiveness allows the actual to shine through all sets of opposites, and you are no longer fooled or distracted.

Have you forgiven? Have you seen through the unreal? How do you feel? Any disturbed feeling indicates that you are seeing something separate as solid and Real, with a power over you and others. This perception is always false, and the false hurts. When you feel the presence of the false, it is never anyone else’s false. It is always yours. The option to allow the false to be swept from your mind is always here.

We always walk with you, offering nothing but clarity and love. What you accept is always up to you. Do you want clear vision, or would you rather hang onto your current perception? No matter how you answer, we stay by your side.

Photo by Chaimaa Sekouri on Unsplash

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