The way out of fragmented thinking

An exception is painful. If in your thinking you exclude some separate one from the glory of God’s Love, from the limitless, boundless possibility that can flow through anyone, it hurts. Exception is the source of all pain, and it doesn’t matter if in your thinking you are excluding what you perceive to be your self or what you perceive to be another self. Each time you look upon the Unity of creation while attempting to break it apart, it hurts.

You are accustomed to thinking that physical and emotional pain come from conditions in your world, individual bodily conditions, or particular happenings. Although it seems to be this way through ego’s perspective, this is not actually so. All emotional and physical pain starts with fragmented thinking. Fragmented thinking is an addiction you can give up, a habit you can be led out of. All that is required is your willingness.

Egoic thoughts categorize and sort. The ego takes one part of a whole, pulls it away, and judges it. The ego calls this safety. The ego encourages this perspective until you find yourself separating out, categorizing, and sorting, believing it is in your own best interest and in the best interest of others.

When you allow Love in, Love washes all of this away. Fear can flare up as you allow what has never been needed to dissolve. Ego’s function is to get you onboard and to keep you onboard with egoic thinking. As you are being shown that there is another way than egoic thinking, fearful thought will arise, telling you that to leave old patterns behind is to leave safety. Ego will always send thoughts that to control conditions from the perspective of a small and vulnerable self is the best option you have.

You are always capable of allowing in thought or flow that comes from what you Are. You are accustomed to giving precedence to thoughts from your invention of ego–thoughts that make illusions. Thoughts from what you Are will help you release your attachment to thoughts from illusion.

Ego is always just doing its job. You invented ego, and ego is always an illusion. Ego is nothing pretending to be something. You believe at times that ego is real or an enemy to be vanquished. It is just an illusion you use to give yourself the experience of separation, and you have endless assistance in releasing your reliance upon this illusion.

Egoic thoughts limit. Notice today where thought limits, where thought clamps down or defines. Notice where thought would deny you or anyone else across time and space reason for boundless happiness and ease right now. This is the only problem. What you seem to see and experience “out there” in your world is only an effect of this thinking.

Egoic thoughts keep deciding what isn’t possible, what’s going to go wrong, what you need to clamp down and control. These thoughts are not worthy of your trust, and behind each one of these thoughts is a thought from the Wholeness of us that is worthy of your trust. It’s a question of which frequency to tune into, which frequency to trust. Beyond all thought, there is simply the Flow that carries you.

Thoughts from Love restore full possibility to each equal one. Thoughts from Love assist you in seeing all “others” as free from all deficiency and defect, as guided and loved completely. Thoughts from Love help you see those “others” as free from all victimization, with full access to the Power they are right now. If you are able to see “them” that way, you are able to see yourself that way.

We are delighted to assist in clearing up confusion , and we are always here offering Love’s thoughts to guide you on your way.

Photo by Thiago Matos from Pexels

8 thoughts on “The way out of fragmented thinking

      1. Oh no! Not harsh at all. You and Your Beautiful Guides have such a LOVING way about You that no matter what You’re saying….it lands sweetly on my heart/ears, because it’s TRUE and not judgemental!!! Your posts are such gentle reminders/confirmations and they often appear at the perfect moment. Imagine that!!! 😀🌀💕🙏🏼🤗 Another healing opportunity, indeed!!! Sending You the hugest hug!!! ❤️

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