Prior to the physical You are accustomed to depending upon the physical, but we invite you to depend upon what is prior to the physical. There is something prior to the physical, and you know instinctively what that is. No words are needed. You can just instantly go in and get a sense of what is prior to … Continue reading Prior to the physical

Seeing through lack to Wholeness Whenever you feel any disquiet, there is a sense of lack. Watch this during the day. See if this is true. Whenever there is discomfort of any kind, lack is perceived. Ask yourself, "What do I think is lacking here?" This sense of lack is false. Time was originally made for proving the idea … Continue reading Seeing through lack to Wholeness

Relax into rest You seem to have taken a detour in your mind. You have been on a long, strange trip that required you to believe many lies about yourself and those you call other. Because the detour has only been in your mind, you haven't actually gone anywhere or done anything. When we help you, we … Continue reading Relax into rest

Overview There is a cycle you are breaking now. For a long time you didn't even see that there was a cycle to be broken, but now that you see the repetitive cycle of fearful thought, you can see the cause of the world you experience. You have been accustomed to facing something uncomfortable in … Continue reading Overview

Faith in the source of solutions The answer to any perceived problem is a perception shift. Ego recommends reacting to perceived problems with lamenting or action perceived as fixing. If you invest your time in finding your willingness to experience perception shifts, you will find perceived problems solving themselves. The solving may involve you in some way, or it may … Continue reading Faith in the source of solutions

We shine There is something indisputable, and you can find stability there. There is light in you. The light is truer than any perspective ego would offer about you. There is something indisputable, and you can find a pathway to light there at all times. There is light in all. If you need to find not-light … Continue reading We shine

Discovering love It is not what you do that makes you lovable. Ego will have you striving to become something that is lovable--something that you can love, something that others can love. What you don't know when you are listening to ego is that you have already arrived. You Are love itself, and nothing can change … Continue reading Discovering love

Trust walk Ego will tell you that you are imperfect and that everyone and everything else is imperfect, too. Ego depends upon both the judgment of imperfection and the concept of ideal to keep you doing its errands. When you believe the thoughts ego sends, you carry out its instructions. Right here is the basis for … Continue reading Trust walk