What is really happening when we think we’re helping someone?

An exploration of giving and receiving as one πŸ’š
(Very laggy video, but the audio is okay)

4 thoughts on “What is really happening when we think we’re helping someone?

  1. AHHHHH. Thank You soooo much, Beautiful Julie!!! I am smiling insanely big right now (and have been through this entire post) that my face hurts! πŸ˜„ This truth….on a new profound level and exactly the way You so wonderfully articulated!…that we are ALL….no matter what we’re doing, gifting one another with opportunities for healing and growth all the time….has been so on my mind of late. It’s something I’ve heard over and over in my life but recently I’m starting to understand just how true and lovingly handled and deep the process of our healing/waking up is and to see all the gifts that are blatantly strewn across our path ALL THE TIME! You stated it perfectly and Your words resonate in every part of me. You gifted so much joy. Like we’re all constantly in a Divine Golden Web….just carried along by one another….it’s amazing. To stop seeing isolated incidents as “good” or “bad” and to just impersonally gauge what each interaction is reflecting is everything. All of what You are saying and the lovely joy with which You said it is perfect. Dear Leon left a link to this on my site!!! What an amazing gift!!! I’m excited for Your new drum, the new openings You are allowing in Your experience and for the sharing of Your process. Huge hugs to You and Your wonderful Messengers. Still smiling BIG!!! πŸ€—β€οΈπŸ™πŸΌπŸ’•πŸ˜Š

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