The journey toward mass healing

When you’re desiring any phenomenal thing, you’re actually desiring the healing that brings peace. Say this to yourself today when you think you want anything at all: I see that I seem to want something. I can see this as an invitation to healing. I am willing to accept healed perception. And then go about your business. We simply encourage you to recognize the call to healing and to see that you can accept perception correction throughout your day. We are always here, and we can always assist with an energetic massage.

When you realize how desire serves you, how important peace is, you place your focus there more and more. You see peace as Home. You return to it when you notice you have gotten lost. You will learn to stay there, to make it your Home and to invite all who are weary or lost to join you there. Your light burns bright, and it is welcoming to others.

When you allow perception correction, you see the physical world as a series of opportunities, perfectly set up, to lead you and all of your divine siblings back Home, back to fully healed perception. This means that nothing can go wrong. Have confidence. When you consciously turn the whole of physicality over for the purpose of collective healing, all of time and space is arranged to benefit your healing, and as you heal you can share that healing with others.

Imagine having the confidence that nothing can go wrong. This is what is budding in you right now.

When you know what all of time and space is for now, you know that every tiny bit of it can serve healing. It isn’t just something that happens, something you might be victim to. It is for everyone and serves everyone. When you look at phenomenality in this way, you’re willing to put down any perception that carries tension and self-interest with it. If your purpose is perception correction, and your feelings always tell you when you need it, you become very willing to set down anything that would prevent that process from happening because it feels so very good.

When you put down the object of your narrow focus, the focus of the small self, you expand into the the awareness of the True Self. More and more, you see that you can just stay here and everything is taken care of for you. As you stay in the awareness of the True Self, you send out a call for all to join you, and they can be soothed by the healing you share.

We thank you for your willingness to be healed and to heal, and we bless every moment of this day that shows you the way Home.

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

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