Let go of the pendulum

We are recommending that you let go of the pendulum. All of our messages have thrown what we are calling the pendulum into sharp relief for you. They have helped you see where the pendulum is active as an apparent centerpiece of your life, and now we are just coming right out and saying, “Let go.”

Every apparent opposite of the pendulum’s motion is also part of the pendulum’s action, and that is why it can be hard to let go. We are showing you how to let go of all your counterfeit positives–counterfeit happiness, counterfeit joy, counterfeit excitement. It can feel like death. It is only ego death. There is something vast and joyous underneath. You can trust what is underneath.

That vast and joyous thing is underneath the sentiment. Underneath the back and forth of emotions. Underneath all of the hopes and dreams of relative outcomes. So first you let go. All spiritual teachings show you how to let go of the thing that is hurting you, and it is always something that you are clinging to for safety. You must see your safety beyond pain before you will let go of pain. When we speak of pain and suffering, we speak of fear. When we speak of fear, we speak of nothing at all. The only thing you have ever been clinging to is illusion. It is only your belief in it that gives it reality and somethingness, texture.

The pendulum brings you nothing but pain. The pendulum is the back and the forth. It is the this and the that. It is all relative definitions–relative beauty, relative health, relative wealth, relative thriving, relative happiness. Give it all up now. It is the useless and imaginary wandering and pacing of the one beloved child of the creator, seemingly fighting with herself. Let it all go.

The pendulum is your basis for judging things superior and inferior, good enough or not good enough. You have been taking a ride on it. The ride is always painful. It’s okay to step off. When you step off, others can sense that even though you don’t represent any particularly aggressive ideals, you seem to have access to a stable foundation. Others will reach for that same foundation. Others will step off. This is how it will appear to happen, and it is all only an appearance. Just let it unwind. There is no other direction to go. You’re not going to turn back toward pain once the source of the perception of pain is clear.

The pendulum can feel like your foundation. When your foundation is unstable, so fundamentally insane, you grasp for meaning. You attempt to find a source for the instability you feel in the world you are projecting. In your choice for the back-and-forth ride, however, that is your choice for the experience of an insane world. You can choose again at any time. You can undo what you thought had been done but was only done in perception.  

The pendulum is not real. It is a figment, and it is pain and suffering. This is good news, since it means pain and suffering are not real, either, but they are always a choice. This is where the responsibility that we are always going on about comes in. You have a choice in every moment, and you are always responsible for your choice. Choose love. When you choose love, you do not choose a playacting of a loving role. This is what you thought in the beginning, and that was a fine place to start. When you choose love, you choose the unraveling of the entire illusion, right down to the ground. Fear not, since it is only the unraveling of the illusion of fear that you are witnessing.  

We are here to help, and we never leave. We thank you for your willingness to release what never truly existed.

Photo by poupoune05 on Pixabay

10 thoughts on “Let go of the pendulum

  1. I really, really want to do this — dissolve in the ground of all Being – Love. Sorry if i keep asking the same thing again and again – How? Is it something we try to do moment by moment? Or through spending time in silence, prayer? Or both? Or something else? Thank YOU for your light and sharing. Means a lot to me. Love, hugs, prayers 💛

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    1. I keep asking, too. Our friends never tire of our asking. 💗

      There are many paths, but on this path I’m on it always comes back to feeling. Everywhere I feel any tension or conflict at all, it’s that signal that I’m lying to myself, habitually referring to the illusion for meaning, hanging on to that pendulum as if it’s stability..

      In those moments, I am encouraged to refer directly back to what I Am, not what I think I’m experiencing. One colorful way people put it is, “Jesus, take the wheel!” 😊

      For me, I like a mantra or saying that brings me back to Reality. I’ve been doing the calendar lessons in A Course in Miracles this year, and the central statement for each day is helpful for me. Or just a breath and a focus inward.

      What they are saying to me right now is “Pierce the comedy.” By this they mean that when I constantly interrupt and question the flow of the storyline, I’m constantly interrupting my attachment to illusion. As I do this, I begin to rely on What Is to guide me, rather than on that habitual reactivity to what I’m seeing.

      The way they’re showing it to me now is that it took a long time for me to even get to the point of being willing to let go, to interrupt my perception of the illusion on a consistent basis. Now that I kind of get my role in doing that, I can let go.

      Always happy to walk this path with you, and I love questions! They always help me explore further. 💚💙💚

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      1. Thank you so much Julie. Can’t express my gratitude in words for your beautiful amazing reply and deep insights.

        So when i get strong feelings – or any feelings that pull and push me, i just have to remember Pendulum and step back – with breath or a phrase – and come back to the center, of stillness and love.

        Did i understand it right?

        It is being aware all the time and not getting caught up in the drama….because as you told us yesterday, it is an illusory story. Thank you! thank you! thank you! 💛

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