The power of what is here today

All day long you have nothing but opportunity to allow misperception to be swept away. Every situation you are in is a gift. Every being you meet is a gift. All are given to you to help your mind clear, so give thanks.

Any pain or suffering is misperception, and all misperception can be swept away now. We want to emphasize the immediacy and the power of this swift sweeping away. There is nothing you need to hold onto. When you become aware of a concept attached to pain, there is no reason not to allow it to be swept away now.

Painful concepts offer you no safety, no stable identity, and no organization. Painful concepts can look like a way of organizing your experience and making it safe, but in truth they offer nothing but chaos cloaked in tidiness. Take advantage of the whoosh that only awaits your agreement. Painful concepts are useless and can be swept immediately out of mind.

There is no need to wait or delay. Recognize the power of what is here for you today, and allow it to bring you joy. Is there any reason not to accept joy now? This question is a good way of uncovering any unworthiness beliefs that are still active. You uncover the beliefs, and then they are washed away.

It truly is this simple. There is nothing you need to cling to. What you Are cannot be washed away. Only misperception can, so there is no reason not to allow the rinsing away of anything that would leave.

Over time, you build confidence in the strength of this healing power. You remember that it is ever-present. You remember that it is equally helpful to all. So this healing power moves into the foreground and is allowed to run your day. The events of the drama become insignificant, and the power of healing has all the meaning.

As you accept ever-present healing for yourself, you make it more available for others. This is how you offer healing–by accepting it. Isn’t it interesting in your language how healing can indicate that you yourself are accepting healing? And it can indicate that you yourself are giving healing. That is because they are one and the same.

We shine as brilliantly as you shine because our light is one. It is our delight to see you basking in the rays.

Photo by Chris Barbalis on Unsplash

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