Repost: The delight of rebirth in the here and now

Here is a very playful message from August 22, 2018.

Hellooo! We are speaking to you from a great distance–the great beyond–that is why we are shouting!

Just kidding. Actually, we’re breathing right down your neck, but we don’t want to be creepy (a delightful and fun notion you have of creepy–thank you), so we are giving you at least a little of what you call “breathing space.” We playfully remind you that in breath we are all one, so that’s probably as creepy as it gets.

Now we are here. There is only one now, only one here. This is where peace abides, where you abide. Yet you seem to abide elsewhere in a particular when. We invite you to enjoy the game of allowing the energy of your true location in time and space–the intersection of here and now–into the illusion you are experiencing today. Delightful. We encourage you to allow a moment or two of delight in what you are doing today.

Now that we’ve got you all softened up, just for funsies, let’s slam you with this: There is no privacy. We can only enter as far as you will allow, and there is great appreciation that you are allowing your old notions to dry up. You are now willing to dissolve the perception of privacy, and this is a big one. It’s HUGE, as one of your politicians would say.

Take a look at boundaries. Take a look at borders. Take a look at huge fences, huge walls. Just look, no judgment.

Is there any chance–only a chance–that these are erected and maintained in defense of what you think you are? Simply feel the energy of it. Feeling is trustworthy. Feeling is your guide.

You don’t have to give up a single fence you have erected. The fact is that you won’t until you feel safe in doing so. All things happen at the proper time.

Because you are allowing, we’re going to link fence-building, projection, and events within the illusion. So let’s say you contract into a separate (but fictional) self, and you seek to protect this self. Let’s say you erect a physical or emotional fence of some kind. You know the energy of the fence, the defense, right? Just feel that energy. It’s scared. It’s pushy. It pushes back. It’s afraid to allow in.

Okay, so that energy is shared within the illusion. Within the illusion, there are events. There are events within what you call your personal life, and there are events on stages you see as outside of yourself. You participate in the making of all events you experience. You can experience an event by hearing about it. Within your collective illusion, you’re truly doing everything together.

This is very good news, because you always have the ability to touch those events with love. You have the ability to learn from each event and to live life today with the awareness of how love is present everywhere, how all events serve you, how all events teach you. This is humility.

You participate in the making of all events you seem to experience, all events that seem to come within your view. That’s why they’re in your view. You have a direct energetic connection to them all.

Here’s the good news: You are the power of transformation, and you are here to allow transformation through you.

As you realize your true power, and this is in active process for all of you right now, you surrender your notion of privacy, of ego-control, and you allow the power of love to flow through you. We are not convincing you to surrender your notion of privacy because, as we’ve said, this is already in active process for you right now. When there are hiccups and challenges in daily life, you’re being presented with the exact circumstances that sweep out resistance and allow in harmony.  Privacy is resistance. Harmony is knowing fully that we’re always in the same space together.

At any moment, the whole of another soul is open to you. As you recognize mind-to-mind power, and you realize how simply seeing the truth of love in another activates and expands it in both their awareness and yours, you are reaching right past privacy into your true function. You are doing this right now. As you wake up to how you’re functioning, you will let old notions die away. As you let old notions die away, you will have an easier time.

So let’s think of the head of a pin. How many of us can fit there? Where you abide is actually where we are. Think of it as one point of stillness. That’s where we are all joined. Symbolically, it’s the pause between the in-breath and the out-breath. Think of how many times you visit that place every day. Now think of all those times connecting. It’s just a perception game as you flow into remembrance, into power.

So take that breath. With the in breath, think of returning to that one point of stillness, joy and bliss that we all are. With the exhale, think of that being expressed into the world through the beautifully attuned and resonating body. Where was the notion of privacy in that moment? It didn’t even exist, did it? Isn’t that interesting how apparently separate things seem to pop in and out of existence?

Take that breath. At the pause point, think of any person. Any person at all. And release. That was your point of connection. There is no boundary, no barrier, no privacy in that moment. There is only the love you both are. There is only the truth. There is only true power–not the false power of the illusion.

And when you release the breath, what do you release to that other mind? What do you send whooshing toward it? Love? Empowerment? Strength? This blasts right through privacy, doesn’t it? And it is as it should be. Everything you send to that other, you activate and expand within yourself. Isn’t your power amazing? Who needs privacy when you have this? Who needs self-protectiveness when you have this?

We promise not to take your teddy bear, your privacy, away from you. It is not within our power to do that. True power doesn’t snatch anything from your grasp. It’s just that we can see now that you are releasing the teddy bear of privacy (which is only your sense of deprivation) on your own, and we are here to support you as you come to understand what you are doing.

We love you very much, and there is great excitement and joy to witness what you are allowing today. Happy rebirth to you all! We are honored to be your midwives.

Photo by Spenser Sembrat on Unsplash

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