Let go of the balloon

Whenever you experience a sense of disturbance, you are believing a lie about yourself and all others. In these moments you are using the resources available to you to block awareness of what you and all Are, which would heal everything quite simply. Remember, in these moments, that you are Peace itself. With your permission, you can radiate peace, for that is what you Are.

When you think you see anything other than peace in another, stop for a moment. Acknowledge to yourself:
This is a false surface.
I am viewing this false surface, believing it is real, and reacting to it as if it is real.
I am willing to allow my thoughts to change.
I am willing to allow my perceptions to change.
I am willing to allow Reality to shine through this illusion that I have projected with thought.
I am willing to allow Peace to shine through me, as me.
I am willing to see Peace reflected back at me, everywhere.

The true nature of all you see as other is Peace. With your willingness, you can allow peace to shine through everyone you meet in thought or in the physical. You allow that peace to become apparent to you by allowing illusions to be undone. The physical is made of your thought. Thought is cause, and the physical is the effect. Every experience you have–you give it to yourself with thought. In this way, all of experience is very, very simple, and it can be easily undone by what you Are.

In Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, there is a sign at the entrance to hell: “Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.” We would like to make use of this idea today. Hell is a place of your invention. It is a place that doesn’t exist at all, but it seems to. It is a place where suffering can seem to happen, even though suffering isn’t real. We encourage you to abandon all hope that you direct at form. Abandoning the hope that form with be your savior–this is your release, and this is your freedom. You hope to have a form that pleases you, but pleasure is temporary, and inevitably turns to pain–two sides of the same coin. Have hope for your happiness and joy, for the awareness of that to return to you. Joy is eternal and brings no pain because it is unrelated to form. When allowed, it will shine through any form.

When you feel any disturbance today, know that you are feeling the vibration of disturbed thought, and it is entirely your own. It has no cause in the world. The experience of the world is caused by your thinking. The experience of the world is always effect, and it is never cause. Knowing that any feeling of disturbance always has its origins in your own thinking, acknowledge it:
I used to think this vibration was useful, practical, helpful, and safe, but I am entirely safe in letting it go now.
I used to think this vibration was an important motivator for action, but I can let that idea go now.
Joy flows through me when I allow it.

Whatever words and actions are needed will come.
I am safe in allowing everything to become obvious and clear now.

Take a look at the disturbed thinking that caused the feeling of unrest. Now see that disturbed thinking as surrounded by the buoyancy of Spirit, which can float it right out of your experience. You are holding onto a balloon string, and the balloon is hovering up in the air. Let go of the balloon. All you have to do is to let go of the string.

In allowing lies to go, you have revealed an inner spaciousness, and that inner spaciousness can run your day smoothly and with grace. Give thanks for this inner spaciousness, the flow it provides, and how it can provide you with any thought, speech or action that is helpful.

It is our joy to assist you in the release of what was never needed, what was never Real. Your Reality is luminous and all-encompassing, and we celebrate it eternally.

Photo by Blake Cheek on Unsplash

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