Guilty thoughts dissolve in the light

Do not ignore the lumps of guilt in the mind. Do not try to see them out there, even in a form experienced in or on the body you call yours. Allow Holy Spirit to dissolve guilty thoughts in the mind. This is what Now is for. Now is not for accomplishing tasks. Now is not for straining. Now is not for trying. Now is for allowing. As you allow Holy Spirit to dissolve guilt thoughts in the mind, the world you see does not need to reflect back to you that which will alert you to the presence of guilt thoughts.

When you feel upset, it is a helpful signal that you are attempting to analyze something that cannot be analyzed. Notice how it feels to attempt to analyze a world, a person, a situation, a problem. Notice the feelings. When the feeling is off, stop. Go in. Allow whatever has surfaced to dissolve. You do have time to do this. This is what time is for. Time is not for struggle. Time is for allowing.

It is a gift to stop. When you stop to go in, you are giving gifts to yourself and all you call other. It is no small thing. It is transformational, every time. When you stop to go in, you are allowing what is Real to be in charge of your perception. Since Love is Real, and all else is unreal, you want to allow Love to be in charge of your perception. You want to allow that which unites all to be in charge of your perception. The only other alternative is allowing that which separates all to be in charge of your perception. Your feelings tell you when you are allowing ego–that which separates all–to be in charge.

We offer you some words to assist as you go in and focus:
Let _________________ be made new.

For example, “Let the news be made new.” You don’t have to avoid the news. If you should happen to see the news and feel disturbed, go in with the intention to allow your perception to be transformed. Another way of saying this is, “Let everything that is real about this blossom forth.” In focusing here, you signify your willingness to allow blocks to love to dissolve. All blocks to love in the mind are made of guilt thoughts from ego. Allow the blocks to dissolve, and what is Real is allowed to blossom forth everywhere.

Joy does not come from this world. Joy comes from prior to this world. You allow joy to shine forth by allowing blocks to light to dissolve.

We are here as you find your willingness, and we are here while you remember that it is safe to allow the light you Are to shine through everyone and everything perceived.

Photo by Benn McGuinness on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “Guilty thoughts dissolve in the light

  1. “Time is for allowing.” This is so beautiful! It made me stop and think! I will continue down this road, for a while, and know I will find amazing beauty on this journey! I thank you, as always, for holding our hand and being the guiding light! But there’s more you give us the courage to hold the light ourselves, one being at a time… and it spreads and spreads. Beautiful!

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  2. Is it amazing that i “happened” to be guided here — just when i was in the throes of a guilt attack? All the attacks happen in the mind. In the place of light in my heart – its all okay, always is and will be – in the sweetness of love. Thank you Beautiful Julie!

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