The actual and true

What is yours belongs to everyone equally without exception. What is truly yours belongs to all equally, and everything else is unreal, a facet of illusion. Your ability to look through the unreal, as if it is transparent and meaningless, directly to the Real, is what bring you peace. A preferred condition in the world does not bring lasting peace. Looking through an unreal world to what stands beyond it–this is what brings peace.

Abandon the search for the bad man or bad woman. Know that you think the bad man or bad woman is you, but finding proof that it’s someone else is a hell of a distraction. This attempt to try to blame someone else for anything at all, citing evidence born in a world of fantasy, can keep you from realizing that you believe the bad one is you, but only temporarily. This painful idea that you have done something wrong–you can try to cover it up again and again by blaming anyone else for anything at all, but the attempt to silence the moans and screams of your own guilt will never work. You will need to keep feeding on the perception of guilt in others to distract yourself away from your own pain.

You have an opportunity now to remember your own pure and untouched innocence by seeing it in others, knowing that you have only been using aspects of a fantasy world to see guilt elsewhere. Deep down, you know you have been doing this, feeding upon the perception of guilt in others.

It is harder to remember that your own guilt–that which you have been trying to hide–is also part of the fantasy. You are as pure and untouched by fantasy as you have ever been. With your willingness, this remembrance can come to you. Be willing to see the innocence in all others without exception, and you will remember your own. With no need to cover up your own guilt, you will have no need to experience a fantasy world with guilt and blame storylines of suffering.

Allow what’s hurting you to be dissolved. They are just concepts that you believe. Every day is your opportunity to allow these concepts to be brought into the light, to dry up and blow away. Allow your burdens to become insubstantial and to vanish. This is fully within your power, and because it is within your power, it is fully within the power of everyone you call else. They are only your reflections.

Truly, you are one, but not one in suffering. You are one in peace, and you are one in light. Peace and light are your nature and the nature of all. With your willingness, you can see this. Make no exceptions, or you exclude yourself.

Go in to the light. As you remember that the pollutedness “out there” is only a representation of your beliefs, you will seem to walk through a layer of pollutedness “in here.” Fear not. You are walking through lies you have cherished, and you are allowing them to dissolve, these loudest lies. As you allow lies to dissolve, you feel the greatest relief.

Remember that feeling the pain of the lies you have told yourself is just what happens before you let the lies go. You can go out into the world to attempt to feed upon someone or something in blame, or your can let the beliefs that make your fantasy world of strife to be highlighted in your mind. You can allow these beliefs that make a world of suffering to dissolve and disappear.

As you walk into the clean and clear meadow that you reach by walking directly through your own concepts of pollutedness in and out, you can see this meadow as actual and true, the unpolluted nature of all. Bask in this beautiful and clean place. Know it as yourself and all others. When anything would arise to block your memory of your true nature and the true nature of all, know this is the belief that can sit in the light and melt. That’s all it is, and that’s all it can ever be.

Every manifestation of suffering in your world–behind it is an untrue belief that can melt. You have everything to do with the passing away of suffering because suffering stays until you allow it to go. This beautiful power you have to allow suffering to leave–it belongs to all equally.

We celebrate your glorious equality, and we rest in peace, knowing that you are not subject to fantasy unless you want to be. We stand with you, ready to assist you in allowing illusion to fall away whenever you ask for our help.

Photo by Léonard Cotte on Unsplash

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