Blocking the sun

Ego is going to keep functioning as you programmed it to function, but as you see that the thoughts it sends you have zero meaning, it cannot steer you. You have to believe ego’s thoughts in order to allow it to steer you, to take you on a trip through fantasy. Be not at all concerned about the idea of ego steering anyone else. The opportunity you have in every moment is to notice when you are allowing this steering by ego. The rest will take care of itself.

Truth is always shining just beyond lies. Lies may glimmer with gilt and grab your attention, but if you pay attention to how you feel, they never feel good or stable. When you recognize a lie that ego has sent to you, remember that it has all the power you give it. In this very moment, you can look beyond that lie to the light that has always been shining behind it. That light will provide you with all of your thoughts. That light will provide you with all of your speech. That light will provide you with all of your actions. Go to your willingness to allow Light to determine all. It is always very, very simple. You can react to lies, or you can respond from the Light always present everywhere.

You will laugh when you see how small the thing is that you have allowed to become so dominant in your sight. It is so small that it is nothing at all. Therefore, when you feel distress, it is because you are gazing upon nothingness–the meaningless drama of a fantasy. You can shift your gaze, and you serve all when you do. Look to that which was here prior to the fantasy. Look to that which is Real. Understand that you can place the character entirely in the control, in the safety, of what is Real. You can place all other perceived characters there, too. You need not have any worry over them. Worry means that you are gazing upon the unreal again. Simply shift your gaze.

Ego was programmed with this directive: “Send thoughts about what I am not.” So ego sends thoughts about an identity separate from other identities, and you believe them. As you believe them, you give to yourself the experience of a separate self with egoic thought. What you have attempted with egoic thought has never, ever touched or marred anything that is Real. It is like holding up a hand to block the sun. You may pretend that the rays don’t exist, but you cannot affect their existence in any way. You can only hide from them.

When you feel any disturbance about anything at all, recognize this:
I am hiding from the rays of the sun.
I can remain still and allow these gentle rays to shine upon me instead.

Any feeling of disturbance has nothing at all to do with those you perceive as other. It is simply your very clear cue to remain still and to allow the sun to shine upon you. All perceived solutions to problems in your experience come from this stillness and this allowing,

You can turn each ego directive into a reminder to look just beyond what ego offers. Everything you make with ego’s thought can be turned over to Spirit to use to help you awaken from the hypnotism of ego. Seen this way, there are no bad “things.” Each seen-as-separate component of an unreal world is simply a tool Spirit can pick up and use on behalf of your awakening. Turn all of separation over to the Whole. The Whole knows what to do with it.

You are Whole, safe and at Home with us eternally, even when you are dreaming. We love to show you your dwelling place.

Photo by De an Sun on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Blocking the sun

  1. Brilliant…the prime directive of the ego….send thoughts about what I am not…
    We discover so much of what is by noticing what is not…like the moon that of itself doesn’t shine…it only reflects the ever-present sun. Interesting that mother nature chose the path of reflection to help us all understand.

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