Spirit empties pockets

https://youtu.be/k8XJKlXOG0A Not knowing is a divine opening. Think of the open-heartedness of not knowing. See how you have flung wide the doors. When you don't know, you are not putting any substitute in front of what Spirit knows. You are completely dependent upon Spirit, and this is a safe place to be. We draw your … Continue reading Spirit empties pockets

Ego is the invisibility cloak

https://youtu.be/VafSexrQRA8 There are three uses for effort. They are noticing, noticing, and stopping: Noticing what you are feeling, noticing what you are thinking, and stopping to go in with willingness. The effort we speak of is not used to accomplish anything in the world. This effort is used to allow clarity to be revealed, to … Continue reading Ego is the invisibility cloak

Carried out of the maelstrom

https://youtu.be/Z_sHCynSDIU Ego is an opportunist. It is designed to appear real in your mind. It is built on an algorithm, sending you the thoughts that you are most likely to believe and to take seriously. We are prior to ego, always an invitation to lightheartedness, gentle laughter, and joy, no matter how serious ego tells … Continue reading Carried out of the maelstrom

Succor from Spirit

https://youtu.be/P6jqa4R-7UQ The cry that seems to come from your body for food really emanates from your mind. Everything experienced as physical has its origins in the mind. Everything experienced as emotional has its origins in the mind. You all share one mind. The mind tells the body how to feel, and the body obeys. The … Continue reading Succor from Spirit