Ego is the invisibility cloak

There are three uses for effort. They are noticing, noticing, and stopping: Noticing what you are feeling, noticing what you are thinking, and stopping to go in with willingness. The effort we speak of is not used to accomplish anything in the world. This effort is used to allow clarity to be revealed, to allow what obscured the mind’s sanity to be removed. When you use effort in this way, the world’s job becomes reflecting this clarity back to you.

When you feel any struggle or strain or fatigue, it is because efforting is being used to cover over feelings, thoughts, and opportunities to rest in willingness. If you ever feel any struggle, strain, or fatigue, it is because it has become natural to rely upon the cover-up of feelings, thoughts, and opportunities to rest in willingness in order to experience a sense of relative safety. The problem with a sense of relative safety is that it is relative. Depending upon the a relative safety, you will also experience a lack of safety. Help is here to assist you in releasing old habits of covering up. This help takes you down to your true foundation of never-wavering safety, and it teaches you to rely entirely on it.

You are learning that it serves you and all when you allow yourself to be still as feelings and thoughts arise. You are learning to recognize opportunities to rest in willingness, and you are learning to give these opportunities the highest priority. You have constant assistance as you use effort in this way. You are learning that any feeling of disquiet always points to an attempt to use effort to cover over that which the light will shine away quite simply and beautifully.

Inspiration is waiting to handle everything for you and all. Inspiration is always very patient. It waits for your permission. As you learn to give your permission and to stay in that setting of permission, your personal effort is not required. The only reason your personal effort is needed now is in order to return to that setting of permission: Spirit, you handle this for me. I know I don’t know how.

Here is a prayer for when you feel you have slipped into the struggle of personal effort:
Show me how the light is everywhere.
Show me how the guidance is right here.

Note from Julie: This has never happened before, but Spirit gave me a tune that goes with the prayer.

Spirit is always right here, and Spirit only requires your permission to assist. When you feel any disquiet at all, it is always a helpful indicator that you have slipped away from that setting in which Spirit has permission to arrange everything. Notice your thinking. Ask us for help:
I seem to be receiving a terrible message from ego, but I know it’s cloaking a lovely message from Spirit.
Spirit, please clarify.

In Harry Potter, Harry uses an invisibility cloak to explore undetected and unseen. The terrible messages that you receive from ego are cloaks covering up what Spirit would have you hear. Ego’s cloak covers up what is truly helpful. All that is required is your decision to stop looking at the cloak, your willingness to see what is underneath it. Your decision is the key. It is the only real decision you can make–the decision to look upon the cloak or to look upon what is underneath. Any feeling of disquiet always means that you are looking at the cloak and believing it to be real.

We are not under any cloak. We know the cloak is not real. We wait patiently until you are ready to see through the cloak, and here we are–always ready to assist. Thank you for using effort to stop and focus upon what is beyond the cloak.

Painting and photo by Margriet Hassink

7 thoughts on “Ego is the invisibility cloak

  1. Dear Love’s Beginning, this post was featured under your last post. I love the little tune you were shown (as well as your posts). Sometimes I get tunes coming through also. I loved hearing your voice. You are a magical wonderful being.

    I like to play piano too. What app do you use to transcribe the music, if you don’t mind me asking? (I’m teaching my kids a bit and they might also be interested… :))

    I visited your messages page (linked to on your last post) and I thought of what message I would want to ask the universe. As it turned out it was one of those silly-seeming questions that seemed to have no importance, so instead of typing it into your blog’s contact form (because of feeling silly about it), I used it as a prompt to do some “2-way prayer”-style writing for myself. The answer is always there if we listen for it, isn’t it? And silly-seeming questions can lead to deep and meaningful answers.

    Thanks for all you share on your wonderful blog :))

    Much love

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      1. That is so cool (that you can’t remember – I totally get that – the state of flow and letting things go!!) thank you so much, I will check that one out! <33

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