Spirit empties pockets

Not knowing is a divine opening. Think of the open-heartedness of not knowing. See how you have flung wide the doors. When you don’t know, you are not putting any substitute in front of what Spirit knows. You are completely dependent upon Spirit, and this is a safe place to be.

We draw your attention to the intensity and strength of emotion. Let’s look at emotion as the back and forth. There is the intensity of the negative, when you believe you are not getting what you want in some way, and there is the intensity of ego’s false positive, when you do believe you are getting what you want. The self that has this range of what it wants and what it doesn’t want is a false self, and it is this self of illusion that you can begin to see as transparent and meaningless.

If you are able to see the self of illusion as transparent and meaningless when it comes to the self you call your own, you will be able to see all of the false selves you look upon “out there” as equally transparent and meaningless. The only thing that has meaning and value is your equality. How about the ways in which you all seem to differ? All of them get used in order to help you remember equality.

If you put judgment and analysis of the one who seems to be other into your hands, then you use your seeming differences to establish belief in differing identities that seem real. If you hand all judgment over to Spirit, remembering that you know nothing, then you are returned to the remembrance of your eternal equality.

If the intensity of back and forth emotion covering up the intensity of eternal love for all is false and a distraction, then should emotion be denied? No, indeed. It is important to recognize how you use emotion to hide from the intensity of love, which has no back and forth and no opposite. Eternal love is simply always here, shining forever. Feel the emotions and decide to put them down because you can feel the false intensity of fear in them all.

To deny emotion is to retreat back into your nightmare, where you will never find safety and stability. To feel emotion is to face the thinking that blocks eternal love from your experience. Feeling emotion is an essential part of the process of allowing false thinking to go.

Underneath the seeming strength of emotion is the intense stillness and joy of Spirit. This is the “place” where you truly reside. Allow all emotion you experience to point the way to thinking you can drop right now. Drop the false thoughts, and you drop the barrier to the experience of your Self. Drop the false thoughts, and you can see all you call other as they truly are.

Whenever you find an undesirable quality in another, you are allowing ego to make use of that one as a pocket. So you notice you have found an undesirable quality in another: “She is insincere.” First, celebrate. You have a wonderful opportunity, right now. You can drop shackles, shackles to which you have been clinging. Look what happens when you decide that she is insincere. It leaves you over here, being sure that you are the sincere one. The only reason you need to find qualities in her over there is to try to construct a stability over here in the separate one you call yourself.

You can’t construct stability, so you may as well stop trying. Stability is. It always has been. You can stop and abide in Stability. You can ask Stability to help you see her as she is. This is a use of time that leads to happiness. It leads away from any sense that you are right, so it leads away from satisfaction. But it leads to happiness.

So again, “She is insincere.” You have used her as a pocket in which to slip this identification that you don’t desire. You don’t want to be insincere, so you slip it into a pocket “over there” to be free of it. But you’re not free of it. If you have cast her in the role of insincere, then your character also agrees to suffer any consequences of the apparent reality of her insincerity. This is a very, very old game. If you stop and pause, you can feel how ancient is this game. You can allow the gears running this game to slow, slow, and stop.

Believing that she is insincere offers you temporary distraction from your belief that you are lacking and insufficient. Your belief in your defects is the true torture, not anything you seem to suffer because of enactments of an insincerity that seem to belong to someone else. Your beliefs–they are always something you can drop right now, but you will not drop them as long as you believe they offer you stability and security. We help you see that is safe to drop all thought and belief from ego, and we are here to do the clean-up whenever you drop anything.

You don’t need this game to be you. You don’t need pockets “over there” in which to stuff qualities that you do not want. You need remembrance of everyone’s true self in order to remember your own. So catch yourself. Catch yourself setting yourself apart from them in a way that used to feel safe and secure.

Allow the game to power down. Celebrate that the remedy to everything–eternal Love–is present right now. Ask eternal Love what to say and what to do. The character with your name does not know, although it pretends to. Ask eternal Love to show you the beauty of that one over there. If she is not a pocket, what is she? What she is–that is what you are.

With your willingness, Spirit can empty the pockets. You allow Spirit to empty all of the pockets when you can see that keeping even one blocks happiness. You are not assailed by the world. You are using the world as a distraction from what is Real. Decide that you want to remember what is Real, and you open the door to emptying all of the pockets.

Empty pockets equals happiness. We thank you for allowing us to do our work today.

Photo by Margriet Hassink

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