True nectar What you want is the purity of the message. There is always a message available for you, whenever you need it. Ego makes the same offer, along with the drug of a bewildering constellation of emotions that make separate-you and separate-other feel very real. If you try to run away and hide from ego's … Continue reading True nectar

Equal replaces ego You don't need any evaluation from the world. All have already been evaluated, and they have been found equal. Nothing can change this evaluation. You can, by choice, obscure it. Whenever you have a feeling of disquiet, this is what it tells you: You have chosen to cover up the reassurance of our shining … Continue reading Equal replaces ego

Every One of the others It looks as if those others out there elicit different responses from you. You can get distracted by how this one seems to need you, how this one seems to have something you can get, how the other one is capable of hurting you in some way, how this one seems to have more … Continue reading Every One of the others

Rest in sweet willingness As you go further into allowing Spirit to control everything you perceive, you can hit what seems like an immense wall of terror. This is a trick. It is not an immense wall at all. Think of a projector shooting out a huge and real-seeming terrifying image. Looking at the image and believing it … Continue reading Rest in sweet willingness

Manipulation and inspiration Manipulation is a cloud covering inspiration. More accurately, the perception of manipulation is a cloud covering up inspiration. The idea that you are a separate self manipulating separate components goes along with the idea that there are other separate selves that manipulate separate components. When you believe this to be true, you believe your … Continue reading Manipulation and inspiration

Nothing is separate When you are judging something you are judging a thing, separated and cut off from the whole. When you place a high priority on how you feel, you can feel judgment. That feeling simply says, "Stop. Go within." Whatever answer or resolution you were seeking from the activity of judgment, it is available from … Continue reading Nothing is separate