In the healing waters

When you look upon the future and on your idea of “what is going to happen,” we would like to illustrate for you what is going on. We want to illustrate it for you, and then we want to reframe it in a way that recognizes your vastness, the profound stillness that you Are.

First, the illustration. You look upon the future. It’s as if you have heard someone say this: “Dunk your head into the pool now.” It’s like someone “else” gave you a command you don’t want to follow.

So you shut your eyes tightly. You tense your whole face. You squeeze your nostrils closed, and then you obey the command you heard. You sink down into the water, in full resistance.

We just want to point out that this is unnecessary. This whole system of defense and anticipation–entirely unnecessary. And it is falling away now.

Here’s the second picture. You are standing chest-deep in the water. You are still. You are calm. There is no anticipation. At the appropriate moment, just because you feel like it, you sink into the water, with no preparation and no thought about it.

In both instances, you sink under the water. You submerge fully. There are just two different experiences.

Have confidence in yourself. To have confidence in yourself means that you must have confidence in all others across time and space with no exceptions. You are all standing in the water, chest-deep, together.

It matters not at all what the others standing in the water with you seem to look like in the world. It matters not at all what the others standing chest-deep with you seem to be doing in the world. It matters not at all what past you perceive for the others standing in the water with you. As they Are, they are just standing with you, chest-deep in healing waters. We are all together, always.

If you project a likely future for any other standing in the water, you do the same for yourself. Remember, no matter what seems to be happening in the drama you are all enacting upon the stage, everyone is the same sweet one at the cast party.

In general, we don’t work by telling you what not to do. But today, we will give you one don’t. Don’t put anyone in a future you would not want for yourself. You love them all, truly. It’s just that the drama is so distracting now. It’s getting in the way.

Remember, you’re all in the water, chest-deep. Have confidence that at the appropriate moment, you will sink fully into the healing waters. As you allow all to be as you Are, all allow healing easily and without resistance.

They’re just your mirrors. Allow your mirrors to do as you do, and it’s far less confusing.

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