A mighty presence

https://youtu.be/DftlvgKSUO4 Anytime you feel your mind attack another or push against anything that seems to be out there in the world, turn around. Look at your mind, the projector of the world you see. Find your willingness to go into it. Find your willingness to allow any hidden resistance to be washed away. It's very … Continue reading A mighty presence

Lean on the Constant

https://youtu.be/Q09TNyFWJFk What is present everywhere is always waiting to speak to you. It's just that when you have placed your focus upon the minuscule, the immense fades into the background. We invite you to make the immense your central focus, the lens through which you view the minuscule. When you make the immense your central … Continue reading Lean on the Constant

Presence dissolves lies

https://youtu.be/qerHrwdHzYE Think of presence. What is present in this moment? What is alive? No matter where you are, who you are with, or no matter what is happening, Love is present and alive. All else is illusion. The challenge is to walk through your day remembering this. The opportunity is to see that in each … Continue reading Presence dissolves lies

Enactment from Presence

https://youtu.be/pfvF191aRG0 When you are reactive to anything, you are distracted away from your Self, from truth. Reactiveness is a signal that you depend on events and your judgments of them to tell you how to feel. From the human perspective, this is the most natural thing in the world. We are here, however, to assist … Continue reading Enactment from Presence

Are we here yet?

Think of where you are right now Where are you?¬† Okay, now look a little deeper. Where are you? What are you, exactly, and where is this thing you're calling you? You can name a location. Is the location name the where? You think you're in a particular location. You believe you're in a particular … Continue reading Are we here yet?