Julie, meet Jesus

I’m annoyed. I’m very annoyed right now. Instead of my very floaty, beautiful light friends coming to me in the shower, Jesus showed up. Actually, I just typed “Jesus came,” but then I thought that writing “Jesus came in the shower” would be kind of dirty. My new instructions are blunt honesty and share (overshare?) the personal. This is uncomfortable, thus my annoyance. I’m being pushed waaaaay past my comfort zone, but somehow I sense that’s appropriate and helpful.

How did baby steps suddenly turn into giant steps? But do I want to be happy? Yes, I do. Then the guidance is here for me. I can follow.

I can sense that the me that feels uncomfortable, the me that feels confronted and intruded upon–that me is not me at all. It truly is in my best interest to allow that me to be highlighted and triggered by the overclose presence of Jesus and to allow all that is not me (or you) to wash away.

But motherfucker! Words cannot express how much this feels like an intrusion. I wanted to capture this honestly, because all my memories of feeling that people had overstepped and were overclose in the past? It all came down to this–surrendering to what I Am, surrendering to what we Are. That was my projection. That was my resistance to recognizing that we are all joined. That was my dedication to seeing threats everywhere.

My light friends? They help me to just start to see it, to find my willingness to let it go. But Jesus? He just hops in here right in my face and tells me we’re letting it go, and here’s how we’re going to do it. The part of me that thought I could decide to turn left or right? Overruled, completely.

I can see how it’s good. With two of us trying to decide, how can we come back to our Self? But I can recognize the me in Him, He who is not afraid to be overclose.

Where I have been hesitant to overstep and intrude upon your life before? Well, apparently, that’s all gone out the window, and I still think it’s my safety, so I’m still shouting, “Hey!” and reaching out after it. But it’s gone. It’s too late. And here I am with Jesus. There’s really nothing left to do but to allow Him to lead, but I know that in allowing Him to lead, I am allowing our True Self to lead. I am safe in that, and so are you.

Jesus is not everyone’s caseworker, but what a shock to find out he’s mine. Everyone will experience a guiding presence that feels super-intrusive, however. It only intrudes upon maniacal perception. Geez, that seemed harsh! But I can see how this is so. So I will allow my maniacal perception to be intruded upon and washed away. Wishing you well today! πŸ’š

10 thoughts on “Julie, meet Jesus

  1. Let me just say – Wow! Thanks for writing this post. It follows on a conversation I had last evening with another Course student. We were talking about exactly this as we discussed the characteristics of teachers from the Manual for Teachers.

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  2. Oh wow, ‘Jesus is my caseworker’ is my new favorite quote! This is a very helpful post–thank you. We are being pushed HARD. Reminds me of Lesson 185: I want the peace of God. “To say these words is nothing. But to mean these words is everything.”

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    1. Yay! So glad it helped. And as hard as we’re being pushed, there’s such a lovely recognition of our oneness and our worthiness in it.

      You want the peace of God? Here it comes!

      Honestly, sometimes it feels more like God saying, “You want a piece of me?!” πŸ˜„πŸ’š

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  3. That’s funny: β€œYou want a piece of me?!” 🀣

    Jesus used to pop up in my dreams. It wasn’t intrusive; the energy felt happy-go-lucky. I look at him as symbolic of self-actualization and helping others to improve their lives. Whenever his energy is around I feel like my spirit guides are telling me to be more open to being helpful. πŸ’š

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    1. πŸ™πŸ’šβœ¨

      Thanks, Pamela 😊

      In my experience, he’s different things on different days, colored by the filter of whatever resistance I would hold between us. I guess he’s always what he needs to be!

      Oh, yeah–that’s us, too! 😊

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  4. Yay! I can understand the feeling of being too vulnerable and exposed.
    But I personally like very much to read personal accounts of others about how the spiritual teachings were applicable in real life. I always learn so much from that. I think good stories of real life accounts are a powerful way to make a message stick with the readers. And so I think your sharing will be helpful to many. Can’t wait to read your stories!

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