The deep green heart of communication

Imagine a tree. The”where” of us, which includes you, is at the very heart, the life-giving essence, of this tree. It’s the actual “where” of you, too.

Energetically, if you are clinging to one of the tree branches, you don’t feel good. You don’t feel God, which is what you are. Think of that the next time someone says, “I don’t feel good.” They don’t feel their goodness fully, their godliness and therefore that of everyone else, their divine nature. When you are out there dangling off the end of a tree branch, you are energetically blocking the feeling of what we are in order to subscribe to a false reality.

Remember this when you don’t feel good. You are choosing a false reality that is not reality, and your feelings are serving you by telling you that. Don’t fool yourself with any other story. This is the purpose of feelings. They let you know to choose again. Choose reality. Choose peace. Choose love. Choose flow. Choose effortlessness.

Joy is what we are, so, quite simply, joy is what you are, too. It would be pretty silly to ignore your true nature, wouldn’t it? Remind yourself of this often. Joy is in that life-giving heart, the connection point for us all. Joy is the source from whence we spring. True communication happens in joy.

Remember this when you are doing what you are calling the communicating. From our perspective, you are often staying in your separate little bubbles and making verbal nonsense noises. You think you are doing something real. But do you feel? Do you feel? Start there.

Be bold. When you are doing what you are calling the communicating, reach down into the deep green heart of the love that we are. That is where your companion is–the one with whom you are sharing the meaningless verbal noises. Would you be shocked if we told you they are all oinks and squeaks?

Reach down into the deep green heart and feel. There you go. There’s communication. And each time someone–some one who is one with you–comes to mind, it’s the same thing. Are you going to make a judgment in separation, or are you going to answer this delightful telepathic phone call and communicate from joy, from that which we are? See how it feels.

True communication is action. It presets action in service to all, and then the inspiration to perform those actions flows through you effortlessly. Find true communication, and then you find effortless and loving action. This process doesn’t require any opinions or judgments. It’s baggage-free travel.

When you don’t feel good, you are out of communication with your very own self, the deep green heart, and therefore you have no basis for communication with what you call others. The only true communication–the communication that frees all–comes from the place where we are all joined. It makes sense, doesn’t it? How else can we hear each other? We have to be in the place where we are all abiding. All the rest is just pops, whistles and squeaks.

This is why when people are releasing their attachment to ego, they may stop speaking for periods of time. It is a reset. At some level they realize that all they are saying is meaningless. It is not finding a landing place very often. So they slow down, pay attention, and learn how to communicate again.

When you relearn communication, you understand that your happiness comes from just being with others, and from that foundation–being, appreciating–communication is effortless. The words come when they do, and you deliver them when they are needed. You can feel the difference in quality between a word that has found a landing place in reality and a word that is churning out more illusion.

And yes–of course you can communicate with a physical tree. Go into the deep green heart and sit. And feel. And see.

We are delighted that you are discovering the remarkable power of feeling and that you are allowing it to guide your communication. We send you our love through the only real channel there is–our shared and harmonic Selfhood.

Photo by David Vig on Unsplash

6 thoughts on “The deep green heart of communication

  1. Thank you once again for sensing my wavelength and gifting exactly the message I was most in need of at this spot on the path. Green, I have always believed, is the color of healing.
    Very recently, when I thought I was being generous, kind, and honest, some recipients of my communication saw it differently. I know it can always be dangerous to tell the truth, even a little bit at a time, because so many of us are still shacked to our “stories,” and the oldest untruths are the most deply embedded ones, so that we defend and protect them, and let them shape our lives and relationships. Well, I know that we all are doing what we believe in, and it will not always be celebrated. That makes some of us afraid to know or be known. Living an honest and earnest life will always require unusual courage.
    And so I choose again. I choose love because that’s what works best for me. I choose honesty because whatever the outcome, I don’t have to blame myself or anyone else. For all the rest of it, there is forgiveness, a practical solution really, to what seems wrong or unkind. We are probably doing the best we can, all of us.

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