Focus upon the unlimited

Time is no limit to you. Time seems to chop up and separate. Time seems to take a toll on bodies and things. Time seems to lead to decay, loss and death. This is a limiting perception that you have chosen. As you and all truly are, you are unlimited. Each time you can pause to remember your true nature–a nature that transcends time–you help everyone.

You and all are the power that transcends time. You and all are Real. Time has always been a fiction, a chosen perception that walks hand in hand with the experience of death. Life has nothing to do with time. When you find you are treating time as if it is real, go within to focus upon Life itself. Focus upon the Real, and what is unreal will fade from your sight.

Time is a chosen limit, and when you are feeling limited by time, you are choosing a limit instead of the reality of eternity. Limits are chosen in order to define and separate, in order to side with weakness and vulnerability instead of power and strength. You are the power in which time does not exist. Whenever you feel disturbed in any way, you are disturbing yourself with a limit you have chosen. The remedy is to go within, focusing upon what truly exists beneath all your pretending, focusing upon what is truly Real.

Inspiration transcends time. Focus upon the Real to access the inspiration that runs your day. Allow your day to be run by the unlimited.

When you feel the inner contraction, the disturbance of perceiving a limit as real, remind yourself of what is Real. Remind yourself that despite perceptions, the truth of you and all is unlimitedness. As you remind yourself of truth,  you usher in transformation that helps all to see the truth of your shared power, a power that cannot be limited in any way. When you stop to remind yourself of Reality often, you help make others aware of this power beyond limits that can handle any seeming problem in your world.

Allow the healing drama to become a story that teaches that all can choose again. All can choose the truth of eternity, of unlimitedness, for their foundation. All can choose inspiration to guide them. All can choose to see unlimitedness as the true nature of every being they meet in the physical or in thought. When you choose that which was there prior to the very first idea of limit, you choose healing.

We thank you for your acceptance of healed perception, and we delight in seeing how this healed perception becomes more accessible to all through your acceptance.

Photo by Mark Asthoff on Unsplash

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