Relax into the non-specific

Anywhere you’re still holding on, Spirit will help you to let go. Your ability to feel is so important because it indicates when you have strayed from Spirit, from the help Spirit provides. Allow Spirit to offer ease. In order to allow this, you must value Spirit’s offering over any thoughts ego suggests.

Anywhere you’re still feeling tension, you only have to relax into the non-specific to be assisted. Ego offers specifics, and your mind is trained to look upon specifics as safety. Remember, though, that ego always offers specific thoughts about nothing. As you relax into the non-specific and what it offers, you are provided with everything you need to walk through and out of illusion.

The non-specific provides specific ideas that are easy to follow. That’s where the joy is–in receiving and following. As you learn to value the non-specific, your faith in its ability to help grows. You understand that by relaxing into rest when it feels as if you are pushing and trying, inspiration comes that makes your way forward both clear and easy. The part of this process that is difficult is learning to value relaxation when you have taught yourself to forge ahead in alignment with ego’s agenda.

Anytime you think there is something you want or need for the separate self, you can feel the tension of this. You can relax into the non-specific to be relieved of this tension. Then you don’t need to try to get what the ego says you want. If there is something for you to do, the way will be made clear. You are carried and assisted at all times.

In this experience of time and space, you can experience a fantasy of attack or redemption. When you feel tension, you are cuing up a fantasy of attacking and being attacked to experience. When you relax out of the tension, you allow the dream sequence of redemption to be played out. As you are redeemed, you are delivered from your perceptual mistakes back into the remembrance of your innocence. Your feelings tell you which fantasy you are choosing, and you can always choose again.

We are here as you set aside choice between illusions and as you choose instead to remember Us.

Photo by Shifaaz shamoon on Unsplash

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