The illusion you wanted to see If you 're committed to seeing persons, then some of them will seem so inferior as to be dangerous. Some of them will feel so superior as to be threatening. If you look beyond the perception of inferior and superior, and you rest here, this means that you abandon the defenses meant to protect … Continue reading The illusion you wanted to see

Letting thought go Whenever you feel disquiet of any kind, it is always because of the presence of faulty information and false attachments in the mind. If something is there that shouldn't be there, it makes sense to let it go. This faulty information is all from ego, and you have given it a home in your … Continue reading Letting thought go

Guilty thoughts dissolve in the light Do not ignore the lumps of guilt in the mind. Do not try to see them out there, even in a form experienced in or on the body you call yours. Allow Holy Spirit to dissolve guilty thoughts in the mind. This is what Now is for. Now is not for accomplishing tasks. Now … Continue reading Guilty thoughts dissolve in the light

Pause to allow past loops to dissolve Idle thoughts are thoughts about the unreal that hold it in place as an apparent stability, looping from the past. Idle thoughts have a stuck and stalled quality. Ego tells you that you depend upon this stuck and stalled quality of experience for a sense of stability. Ego tells you that without familiar repetitions, … Continue reading Pause to allow past loops to dissolve

Thoughts are relationships Your thoughts about others are your relationships with them. Think of this. You need not fret about any perceived past. You need not manage any perceived present. You need not strive to be good enough within any relationship you perceive. Simply look at your thoughts. Those are your relationships. Allow the thinking to shift, … Continue reading Thoughts are relationships

If it’s loving, you can keep it In all relationships, you are called to deep mind clearing about each other. Your experience with the one you call other brings forth opportunities to rest in the joy you both are. It calls forth opportunities to see exactly where you think yourself into limit and suffering. Both functions are useful--the reminder of who … Continue reading If it’s loving, you can keep it

Ego’s 3D pen While you did make the ego, the ego is not real, and its thoughts are not yours. Whenever you become aware of fear, remember that what the ego made is not real. There is no need to fear anything unreal, no matter how real it seems. Find your willingness to be shown how to … Continue reading Ego’s 3D pen

Consistency Ego sends thoughts to give you a consistent self-concept to carry with you from experience to experience. This is a self-concept you do not need. You do not need to be particularly this or particularly that when the One Self has all of the qualities that the One Self has always had. This fantasy … Continue reading Consistency