One voice

Who are we? We are you, in the purest sense.

In the first days after my first mystical experience, the word hybrid was suggested to me.

The way you received that, you got the gist. You got the message of an identity shift, and one what would include the Whole. We were telling you that you would speak with our voice–not just sometimes but all of the time, and there is only one true voice. The way you experience right now, you can hear that voice in harmonic differentiation, but it is the same voice.

We invite you all to recognize the voice of All, which comes through us harmonically, as your own voice. The voice you hear and attribute to us is your own voice. That’s why it feels good. That’s why it feels like Home. In believing ego’s thoughts and in speaking the lines ego suggests to you, you have been enacting a role promoting separation and division. Now your every word, gesture, thought and action will invite all to return Home.

It is important to emphasize that in believing ego’s thoughts, speaking ego’s words and carrying out ego’s stage directions you have never done wrong because wrongdoing is not actually possible. You have simply become caught up in a fantasy, and we are here to help you emerge from it. Lean on us, and you lean on your own strength, the strength of Unity.

We invite you to notice how you can invite this voice of truth, strength and grace to speak to you from every being you encounter, simply because you know who they really are and are inviting true expression out to play. If a being seems to give you ego thoughts and actions, embrace that reflection of healing and appreciate the opportunity you have to accept healing now and to allow ego’s architecture in you to be dismantled. We are the demolition crew. We are the celestial garbage people. We take away anything you release to us, anything you’re not holding onto with all your might.

If you’re going to take an uncomfortable feeling and find its origins in some person or condition in the world, you’re holding onto garbage you don’t need. You’re cuddling it like a teddy bear. When you notice what you’re doing, let go, and focus on your willingness to accept healing, you drop the teddy bear. We can take it away. You don’t need so many alarms letting you know that you have an opportunity to accept healing. You feel better.

So that’s what you do if you seem to hear the voice of ego, of separation and disturbance and weakness and blame, coming from a divine sibling. But more and more, you’re going to discover an ability to call each beings true voice out to play in harmony with you. Because you see them as they truly are, not fooled by any surface, by any role being played, you invite them to stop fooling themselves. As you invite all beings out into the open, into peace and safety, your experience with them helps you release ego dependence and to sink more deeply into an experience of peace and safety.

Have the intention of hearing that one voice today, of allowing it to speak to you through everything in the smallest ways, and you will find yourself very naturally and easily speaking with that same voice. This is the flow of joy and delight. This is the reflection of who you are and who everyone else is. We thank you for your willingness to recognize what is true by releasing what is false.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

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