Allowing illusion to wash away

Good morning. Time to wake up! We know you are physically awake, but that doesn’t count in this game. Time for the awakening that counts! You all are a bit like sleepyheads in the morning. You cling to sleep at times, dozing off and mumbling at us to leave you alone, hiding your head in the covers.

We would like you to observe the small r reality you all are churning out together. We invite you to see it as a really big art project. There is no judgment about it. Just look at it. And feel how dearly loved all the makers of this art project are. All the players of this game. Take one conscious breath, knowing that it is okay to stop struggling and running now. Feel and rest in the love that is there for all of you.

It is always that simple, you know, whenever you feel that something is lacking. Love is always there, waiting to be felt. Love always holds  resources and inspiration for you. Love delivers unto you everything you need to play this game as an awakener. So take that breath, whenever you need to–just one conscious breath. Feel what is there for you, feel how it gets to you, feel your own worthiness and that of others, feel Truth. And step into your appointed role.

Notice what small r reality–the one made of illusions–feels like. It feels unstable, threatening, heavy, limiting. Notice what big R Reality feels like, how it bursts through the surface of the illusion. It is stable, peaceful, joyful, creative. It is always there. And you have the wonderful job of allowing it to eclipse small r reality in your perception.

Today, notice the gamelike quality of small r reality. Notice a moment when you completely buy it–when you become absorbed in it and lose touch with what encompasses it. Notice the tension of game-playing as it arises. Notice the calm of beingness when your vision is broader, not so focused on a surface and a judgment of that surface. When you experience a moment of disruption–anger, anxiety, annoyance, irritability–invite yourself to see the VR goggles you are wearing. You are reacting to something that isn’t even there. Isn’t that interesting?

Telling yourself that what seems to be at the root of your annoyance isn’t even there is usually not so helpful at the time of annoyance, but you can remind yourself that it is here to serve you. That annoyance you feel, it’s an alert. There is something you can release at the point you feel the annoyance. It’s something you are ready to let go of, so there is movement outward, but at the same time you are holding onto the very sense of limitation that it is time to release. This is why you feel annoyed, not because someone is following close behind you in traffic. More and more, invite yourself to get to the root of it quickly. A sense of limitation wants to leave, and you’re holding onto it. This is the struggle you label annoyance. When you allow yourself to get to the root of things very quickly, watch how outer conditions shift. It’s a fun game!

Invite yourself into one moment of resistance you feel today. When we say, “Invite yourself,” we mean, to invite the flow, because you are that flow. Holding yourself away from that flow in your perception is the experience of resistance. Where you came from, the experience of resistance wasn’t possible, so you invented a means to bring it to yourself. Go ahead–appreciate how you made it possible to have the experience of thinking you went outside of yourself so you could return to yourself–our oneness–in appreciation.

This is the appreciative ride home. This is the dropping of limitations. This is the road toward freedom, bursting through the illusions you used to have an experience other than yourself.

You are worthy of the flow right now. So are all others. You are all worthy of effortlessness and knowledge, remembrance. Right now. Isn’t that incredible? We invite you to bring this knowledge into every right-now moment, into every perception.

You don’t have to arrange anything within the illusion to be worthy of effortlessness. You don’t have to earn anything within a life story to be worthy of the love you are right now, because the other guy is love right now, too. There is truth, and then there is the illusion you have layered on top of it. Become aware of the feeling of treating illusion as though it is truth. Become aware of the feeling of returning to the awareness of love’s ever-presence.

The most unselfish thing you can do is to allow yourself to be assisted by us. We are always surrounding you, and we’re never leaving, so you might as well take advantage of our presence. Just to be clear, we are talking about everyone. Every being on Earth has a team of nonphysicals available to assist them in every way, in every moment. Dare we say…we are legion? Shall we redefine that and address any fears attached to that concept? Is there anything left to fear? Then let’s embrace it in love.

No, we are not saying that we are the devilish and illusory forms of ego. We are saying that all of the differentiation, at the end of the day, at the very ending of time, is only one thing. It’s only ever been love.

We, your nonphysical team, appear to be many, and in your experience we are so many, but we are also only one, and we work in harmony. So take the most evil form you can come up with, the most evil form ego has ever taken, and that was always surrounded by the love you are. Take the most evil villain in the history of villainy, and that one was always surrounded by loving ones who were there to assist any time it was allowed. Mercy was always available to that one and still is in every now-moment of total forgiveness. The same mercy is available to you and all others in every moment of your day.

We have made the claim before that we are the best stalkers ever, and we will make it again. We’re not leaving. You can shut us out, but that doesn’t mean we’re not there.

We take what you don’t need as you release it. We are your universal garbage people. Then you are able to help others. Because you have released limitation, you are open to the flow and the inspiration it delivers to you. Would you like to receive gifts all day long? Good, because that’s all you ever do receive. Open your eyes and look past illusion today. We will be there, and no–we don’t breathe down your neck. You’re the one who does that–the one incredible being of light who convinces itself it is separate at times. It is an incredible feat.

We will be there to help you with your perceptions today, and we delight in our work together. This is truly a time of burgeoning possibility!

Photo by Sean Pierce on Unsplash

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