Leading you out of this world

One of the jobs of your fellows is highlighting your attachment to thought-lies so you can let them go. You are all highlighter markers for each other: “You believe this. And this. And this. I am showing this belief to you so you can let it go.” This is why it is easy to give thanks for anything. The world is a constant show of what you have yet to let go. What you haven’t released yet, you can release today.

This is why everyone has already earned a full and free thank-you. They either celebrate what Is, and you feel corresponding joy in your heart, or they highlight what isn’t so you can let it go. Either way, they are always doing you a service. That is why you are always safe–service everywhere, and as you give thanks for their service, you serve all.

“You have my full and free forgiveness” means this: I give you everything that I have, because you Are everything that I Am. There is only one thing, and nothing else exists. Whenever you feel disturbance or lack, you are believing in the existence of something that doesn’t exist. When you are believing in the existence of something that doesn’t exist, ask for help:
Help me to see what is Real here.

You can think of this this way: Everyone is back Home right now beause they never left. But they are showing up in the forms you need Right Now in order to notice the thoughts you believe. Ego will tell you that you do want certain forms, and you don’t want certain other forms. Spirit invites you right past ego’s list of likes and dislikes. Spirit just shows you reflections of thoughts that can go, or it shows you beings so fully lit up from within that you naturally and easily give thanks.

You are one with that which Knows, and that which Knows does not have its origins in this world. It’s here to lead you out. If you have no attachments to the world you made with thought of pain, you can be led out of it. Another way of seeing this is that you can allow what isn’t to dissolve, and you can allow what Is to be prominent in your sight. What truly Is? Beings who are loved and cared for fully. Are you willing to see this today?

We are joined with you eternally in the love that cares for all, and it is our delight to show you this today.

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