No dam exists

In order to be able to disregard messages from ego, you need to be able to feel how its messages are messages of hate and unrest. Since the ego is not you or anyone else, there is no problem in recognizing that all of its messages bring feelings of fear and hate. Even its seemingly lovely messages carry anxiety, guilt, and resistance.

As the ugliness is surfacing, remember that you are learning to stop relying upon what never can be reliable. Ego’s messages used to look pretty, and now they are unmasked. They seem so vicious, and now it is obvious not to rely upon them. As a result of allowing these messages to surface, you are allowing confusion to go. As you let your own confusion go, you share clarity with all.

You can’t compare lives. Life is One. Comparing two persons is like intentionally getting lost in the woods. When you are lost, you can feel it. Pause in the middle of a thought about comparison and see what is here for you. What is Here is a gift for you both. It’s a gift you can share.

The entity that thinks it’s controlling and organizing everything always feels stress. The feeling of stress is always your invitation to relax our of this sense of control and responsibility into what is always Here for you and all. As you take advantage of what is Here, you make it available to all.

It is always your option to stop damning people. You damn people (think of a river dam) by assigning one a particular quality that another doesn’t have. You can always recognize the peace of right-now Being. No dam exists when you discover right-now Being. As you damn others (attempt to immobilize others in a definition by labeling), you damn yourself. Damning yourself means that you attempt to get yourself stuck in unreality. Ego calls this safety.

You have no need for ego’s stuck-in-a-definition safety. Safety is Real and Here for you and all Now. Go within and find it. Remember to rely upon it in all things.

It is our great joy to help you see our shared, beautiful, and always-Here Self.

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