Ego is the invisibility cloak There are three uses for effort. They are noticing, noticing, and stopping: Noticing what you are feeling, noticing what you are thinking, and stopping to go in with willingness. The effort we speak of is not used to accomplish anything in the world. This effort is used to allow clarity to be revealed, to … Continue reading Ego is the invisibility cloak

A trail of Light You are looking at a past enactment of a tiny, mad idea. (Julie's note: This is a direct reference to A Course in Miracles.) All physical vision is about witnessing the impossible, the idea that you could separate successfully from the presence of God, from the will of God. When you feel disturbance of … Continue reading A trail of Light

The deletion of doubt How deep is your doubt? We encourage you to investigate this. When you are feeling any uncertainty and doubt, go into it. How deep is it? As you enter it, how far does it go on? The way that ego operates is that it sends you a lie, and then you believe it. Having … Continue reading The deletion of doubt

Withdraw from the cacophony Check your intention. This is our best advice for any moment of stress. Look at what you are attempting to do. Are you attempting to avoid something? To control someone? To achieve a specific and predetermined outcome? To figure something out without the assistance of all that is? In some way, whenever you feel … Continue reading Withdraw from the cacophony

All characters point toward Home Your willingness to feel is key. No matter what seems to be happening around you, your willingness to feel what you are feeling and to have associated thoughts uncovered is essential to your healing. This means that you give the world, along with everything in it, a break. Nothing in and of the world … Continue reading All characters point toward Home

Treasure hunt A vast treasure awaits you. It's so simple, the work you have to do today. The work you have to do today is the same work you have to do every day, regardless of who you seem to be, where you seem to show up, or what seems to be happening. It is always … Continue reading Treasure hunt

Tension is the call to receive a gift It is so important to realize what is going on with you when you feel tension, and to notice the opportunity you are being given. Tension feels like an unpleasant experience, and it should. Becoming aware that you don't feel good takes your attention off the world you are projecting for a moment. Feeling … Continue reading Tension is the call to receive a gift

Feeling lights the way Home We invite you to focus upon perception. You perceive with your senses. You also perceive how you feel. We ask you to look through this lens today: Feeling is the only worthwhile perception. Why would we ask you to put your focus here? Unless you know how you feel, you are lost. Feeling is … Continue reading Feeling lights the way Home

Following a lifeline out of the dream of a life story

The dream that you call your life has an internal logic. Within the dream, it appears that this causes that and that causes this. If you subscribe to this internal logic rather than knowing, love and truth, you will keep the dream going. Keeping the dream going doesn't feel good, however. If you make feeling … Continue reading Following a lifeline out of the dream of a life story