Do you feel inspired to help?

Elizabeth is on the right Hey, everyone. My friend Elizabeth, a fellow awakening soul, is visiting my home this week. She is a petsitter and housesitter who goes where Spirit leads her, trusting that her needs will be met moment-to-moment. She has learned a lot about trust and faith. I have included a review below.Elizabeth … Continue reading Do you feel inspired to help?

A Course in Miracles readings

Hi, all. I'm going to continue recording sections from A Course in Miracles, but I won't be posting here separately when I do. If you want to know when there is a new section available, just subscribe to my YouTube channel. I'll also add a link on the side bar to the A Course in … Continue reading A Course in Miracles readings

Event: The End of Guilt

Collective Awakening: The End of Guilt Saturday, February 22, 3 to 5 pm The Sanctuary, 301 Main St., Vestal, NY  13850 (storefront on the corner of Charles and Main) Join us for another collective awakening gathering. We will come together to share and learn about mind healing through releasing guilt thoughts..The focus will be on … Continue reading Event: The End of Guilt

A Love’s Beginning book

I'm happy to share that Love's Beginning's first book-length collection of posts is available to read. Eventually, it will be available in actual book format, and I'll let you know when that happens. Love's Beginning: The Book Thanks for all you do to inspire me 🙏💚🌸 Photo by Rajshri Bharath KS on Unsplash