It’s safe to wake up

It is important to choose between dreams and Reality. Whenever we speak to you, we are always going to remind you about the importance of the seeming points in time when you experience disturbance and disquiet because they are such moments of opportunity.  In those moments, there is your proof that you are choosing a dream, that you have been choosing a dream.

Disquiet, lack of peace, has nothing to do with what truly exists. If you are experiencing what does not truly exist, you are experiencing it in an illusion, and you are experiencing it because it is your choice. It is important to realize the choice you make so you can access your power–not relative power within an illusion–true power. True power is shared by all equally and is never corrupting or corruptible.

Anything that brings up disturbance within you is your own bad dream and is cleared up at your request. Incorrect perception is set right at your request, but you have to remember to ask. If you forget to ask for what is yours, you will continue to experience the up-and-down, back-and-forth illusion you have chosen. Because you have identified as something unstable–as a personality–giving up this illusion seems like death.  We are here to work with you to help you understand that giving up the up-and-down, back-and-forth is your happiness and the happiness of all.

It is truly perception correction that frees you from your own nightmare. Whenever something appears to be wrong, you are experiencing what you are feeling because of what you chose. Choose the correction of your own perception in that moment–not blame. If you think you know what anything in the world is, if you think you know answers to problems–you will not stop to choose to have your perception corrected.

Imagine this: You are standing in paradise, but you are wearing VR goggles that tell you you are in hell. You keep the goggles on because you don’t know you are wearing them. Instead of taking the goggles off, you keep reacting to hell and even trying to fix it. We have a protocol in place to help you take your goggles off. With your permission, we can alter what you are seeing. If you are busy reacting to hell or trying to fix hell, you are going to forget to give us permission to alter what you are seeing.

Put your focus on this: Give us permission to alter what you are seeing, and you will calm as your fake world becomes calmer and more peaceful. In this more receptive state, you will allow your goggles to be taken from you. You will emerge from the dream you chose. Right now, you think your very life depends on clinging to the goggles. It’s okay. Keep the goggles on. Just remember that your best interest is served by allowing us to alter what it is you see when you have the goggles on . This requires trust in something not physically see-able in the world you made, but you know it’s okay because of how it feels.

When you made your nightmare, you accidentally stayed there, thinking it was safety. You have been afraid to come out of your nightmare, forgetting that fear itself is your invention and not real. Fear does not protect, and fear does not keep safe. You are already safe, for what you and all are is safety itself. There is a spaciousness within you, where the willingness to emerge from the nightmare dwells. Whenever you experience any distress or irritation, go within to this place of willingness. This is where you agree to allow us to alter what you see. This is the most powerful place you can be.

Awakening is about coaxing you out of the nightmare you made. The most powerful remedy in any situation you could experience is to find your willingness to emerge from the nightmare. Emerging from the nightmare is not something you do by yourself. You simply recognize that our help is here for you, and you accept it.

Remember that we are always here by your side, and when you give your permission, we can alter what you see as you look at your world. It is our delight to assist you back into the awareness of the equal innocence of all beings, back into the perception of your eternal safety.

Photo by Terry Tan De Hao on Unsplash

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