Virtual reality

In our physical world, what we see in front of us, the events we experience, are all a result of how we have seen ourselves and others in the past. No one thing in this world can cause any other one thing, although that is how it appears. That is how we made a world where forgetting our harmonic union is possible. We got lost on purpose to find our way home again. We made a world where fear–our sense of separate self and all the sense of threat and need to protect that comes with it–constantly spins tales about how much we need it to keep us stable, successful and safe.

If we go way, way back, we discover that we made a choice to experience fear here. Fear is a choice, and if we remember making that choice for separate identity, we also remember our ability to simply choose again. Fear is an experience we invented–an experience of an obstacle to Love, something that could possibly block our awareness of the only thing that is real–Love, our union with each other.

In other words, fear is not real. We have experiences of fear that feel very real. We chose these experiences. We chose to experience fear. When we have had enough, we can choose again.

It is possible to come through this temporary learning and communication device called the body in remembrance that fear is not real and Love is our true identity–the true identity of all. It’s as though you look all around you and realize everyone is so absorbed in a virtual reality game that they don’t know they are playing it right now.

When you remember, you get to stay within the game and play it through inspiration and natural ability. Your very awareness that you are playing a game and are actually safe and held in Love at every moment, every twist and turn, communicates itself to the other players. They begin to realize that they are playing a game, too. They begin to understand that they are safe.

Your very realization allows all the roles of all the game players to alter. As you step onto a different trajectory during the game, so do they.  When you wake up to the fact that you are playing a game you have chosen, there is no guilt and no fault. No matter what the events of the game, all players are equally innocent, having been drawn into roles they didn’t fully understand.

The villains are especially interesting because the entire game is set up so each player has endless opportunities to realize that it is, indeed, only a game that they are playing.

Who is wearing the virtual reality goggles? In every case, with every being upon whom you gaze, it is always a wise and beautiful being of light wearing those goggles.  When you choose love in a shared experience with one of these beings, they are brought closer to their own awakening. You are brought closer and closer to experiencing the end of fear.

There is a portal of pure light within every being, within every event, within every experience, within every molecule. When you remember this and develop the practice of connecting with and recognizing your oneness with this light in every situation, then what to say is clear. What to do does itself through you, and it is a joy to be the expression of that. More and more, the thoughts that enter your consciousness speak of deep truth and guidance. When you hear the thoughts of fear, you are able to dissolve them in love–to see their nothingness, to continue in peace and love.


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4 thoughts on “Virtual reality

  1. Totally beautiful, true and inspiring. Perhaps only caveat being that when we initially learned fear, we were very young children when we had no choice or resources. Now of course we have the ability to unlearn what was never true to begin with.

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  2. ‘Fear is an experience we invented–an experience of an obstacle to Love, something that could possibly block our awareness of the only thing that is real–Love, our union with each other.’

    Gorgeous. And shockingly (not schocking at all) similar to mine. Wow. Are you on Twitter? I plan on tweeting a few quotes from your post. If so I am @angelsevolve ❤️

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