Practice 34 – Let me see what is valuable

In all situations, the intention to see what is valuable will serve you and all others. When you see what is valuable, you can release attachment to any concepts that are not necessary. When you can keep a clear mind, it is easy to follow the guidance of the Self you are because it can flow through that openness without being blocked.

All tension, all unhappiness, all negative emotion comes from these blocks that you set up intentionally to protect separation perception. You must feel bad in order to maintain separation perception. It’s a rule. When you are no longer willing to sustain this delusional state, it must fall apart.

Begin a three-minute meditation with:
Let me see what is valuable

Imagine that you are descending into what you are, releasing any concepts you don’t need as you travel from separation perception to abiding as the Wholeness of All. Ask to be shown what is valuable. Ask to be guided today in releasing all that lacks value.

If anything arises to disturb your peace, remind yourself of your intention:
Let me see what is valuable.

Today, with focus and intention, you can make great strides in letting go of what is not needed in order to allow What Is to emerge in your sight. When you keep your focus here, you accept the help that is available to you at all times. Because what you are can never be separate from what anyone else is, you help all when you remember your willingness to see things as they are.

End by affirming your readiness:
Let me see what is valuable

Step forward into your day knowing that every situation you find yourself in, every feeling you have, every thought you notice will be used on behalf of collective healing. While form itself is not at all important, the healing that you allow to take place while you still believe in form is. Allow that healing today. Allow your perception to shift.

If anything disturbs you today, remember the opportunity you have:
Let me see what is valuable

Today is truly a day of dropping burdens, and if you see how to allow that, others around you will have a much easier time. Serve all by making your healing your top priority, and you can share that healing.

For further reading, see Looking through separation to Wholeness

Photo by Ilze Lucero on Unsplash

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