Deeper into the willingness

What would prevent you from experiencing complete happiness in this moment? The idea that…fill in the blank. Look at what you have used to fill in this blank. It is some specific, separated from all of the other specific and particulars, and you think this specific is a block of some kind. The entire idea that there are specifics and particulars, along with the idea that you can judge each one separately, assigning separate meanings and values to them–that is the block. That is what you can release.

Look again at what you have used to fill in the blank. It is a blank thought of ego, and you are looking upon ego. It seems to have taken form, but it is nothing. All of the specifics are exactly nothing, when considered alone and separate from everything else. And the separate one thinking it can judge separate things–that one is a nothing, too. The separate is blank. It’s nothing, It seems to be something, but it’s nothing. The Unified is All.

When you see this, when you accept this, there is nothing else to do in any situation except to turn to the Unified to handle all of it. The Unified handles all of it through you. As you experience yourself in this world, you’re one of those separate things moving through time, but the only truth of any of you is a Unified truth. You only exist as you are connected to everything else, without exception.

Explain now the process of getting the statements for these messages:
I have to settle down progressively deeper and deeper to hear the message. It seems, in a way, that more and more is asked of me in order to reach the “place” to receive each message. I must go deeper or I can’t hear anything at all. Having the experience of needing to go deeper puts me in the proper setting for the day–one of willingness, and that willingness goes deeper and deeper.

And for you, the reader or listener–for you to have made it this far, you had to go deep into willingness. And if you have somehow made it this far but are experiencing powerful repulsion, not to worry. You’ll bounce of this into something else, and you’ll find an equal hand to hold. We’re all walking home together, and you always encounter what you need.

We invite you to keep this image in mind–everyone walking Home together. Remember this whenever you meet another in thought or in thought-made-physical. You can set yourself apart from another, or you can accept the reflection. As you’re walking Home together, thank all of your mirrors. If even a hint of tension or disquiet is felt, make no mistake–that being is helping you release what needs to be released for the next leg of your journey together.

Even if two beings seem to separate in the physical, they are always together because there is only one of us. Although there seems to be a together and an apart here, know that this just isn’t true. For those who seem to be together with you now, though, they are most certainly your teachers as they learn from you. You are most certainly learning from them as you teach them. Everything is perfectly in place for all the teaching and learning that needs to be offered and accepted.

First you landed like a butterfly, spending a moment with us here and there, and now you stop for a cup of tea. The invitation only gets deeper.

Photo by parinay clickers on Unsplash

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