Allowing the clearing of distorted perception

We’re going to help you let go of the struggle for authorship. There seems to be a little you struggling to stay in control, to survive somehow, yet you know there is a Big You, a unified Self, who would run everything quite simply if you would allow it fully into the storyline.

As little you, you experience guilt and shame. This is a very helpful clue that you are tuned in to Little Me radio station. All guilt is based on the idea that you’re doing it. All blame is based on the idea that a separate other is doing it. Doing what? All of the actions that sum up what you see to be little, separate lives. You think you’re doing it, or you think someone else is doing it, and right away you get a bad feeling about it.

The bad feeling is always your clue. The bad feeling means lying. It means misperception. It means you’re seeing What Is backwards, chopped up into tiny pieces that could never be real. That’s how you’re choosing to see love. It’s always a choice, and this is good news. Whenever you get any bad feeling of any sort, it’s your reminder that the choice is in your hands and you can choose again.

We’re breaking it down for you in slow motion. You get a bad feeling. Ego encourages you to convert that bad feeling into judgment, into a form of struggle against what you see to be your world. If you interrupt this impulse, even seemingly after it has occurred, you start redirecting yourself to What Is to interpret the illusion for you, to guide you through the illusion. If you do this over and over and over and over again, relying upon What Is (instead of the unstable smallness of what you think you are) becomes the new habit.

Who or what is is doing it? Who what is living what you see to be your life? The short answer is that it’s always Love, but we’ve got to break things up to show how you have allowed perception to be distorted. You, as a perfectly and harmoniously differentiated aspect of Love, allowed a distortion into your perception in order to experience a not-Harmony that is only possible in illusion. As long as you have the perception that a vulnerable and imperfect entity is living your life and the lives of others, you are still attempting to block out the Love that you are because you fear you have done wrong in experiencing illusion.

Here’s the thing, though: Fear itself is an illusion. It seem to be a very powerful one, but we encourage you to keep looking through it. What is behind it? That curiosity will serve you well.

For now, you have put a separate and false identity in charge of perception. We encourage a reorganization of perception. You are holding on to perception rather tightly because it represents the only predictability and stability you trust right now–the physical world. You are beginning to trust something more, however, and it’s what you Are. We encourage you to keep your focus there and to return when it strays.

Are you ready to see behind all of the masks? Do you want to see who we all are? Are you ready to see a healed world? The only thing that could hold you back is misperception, and the building blocks of misperception are guilt and blame. Guilt and blame are always fictions, always yours, and always used to block out awareness of the love you and all others are. The very good news is that it’s always in your hands. It’s always your choice. Put down what you have been using to block your perception of love’s ever-presence. Do this as often as you need to, and allow what you Are–not a fragile construction of pain–to run your experience.

You can do this because it is not a doing. You have always had the power because you Are the power. We stand here to remind you of Truth as often as necessary, and it is our great joy to do so.

Photo by Simon Abrams on Unsplash

10 thoughts on “Allowing the clearing of distorted perception

  1. Is stepping back and witnessing the same – as focusing on what You are? Love?

    This really helped me now — after i came back after meeting some “friends” – the interaction was hard in some ways for my ego.

    I read this and stepped back and watched once more my interaction – the tightness in my heart opened and i am back to that place of silent blessedness.

    i wish i had remembered it earlier though and not felt sad. Next time, by God’s Grace. Thank you, dear Julie. For your heart and love! 💕

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  2. Yes, I think it’s the same. You’re welcome, and I’m glad it eventually helped.

    It can be so easy for me to get completely caught up in the back and forth of ego–especially people-pleasing and asserting a particular identity–when I am with others. The fact that I notice it so much more now, though, is a sign that it’s dissolving in the light of awareness. Also to notice it and recognize it as pain–that’s good, too. 💚💙💚

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