Power beyond all cause and effect

Wow! This one just blasted through and required deep honesty for the receiving of it. Feels like a deep cleanse and a very kind reorientation.ย ๐Ÿ’œ

Emanate. Feel the energy of that. Emanation is all you are capable of doing. You are Love, and your natural function is to extend love. The same is true of all others. If you are seeing and feeling anything different, it is by your choice. Recognition of your choice is essential in order to see what is Real instead of what is false.

You believe you are having physical experiences, but in reality, you are only emanating, only extending. So you believe you are folding clothes, and you believe this has a particular significance you can judge and thereby use as a basis for control of what you call an individual life, but in reality, all you are doing is emanating. If you appear to be doing anything other than emanating the love you are–let’s say you’re arguing, you’re caught up in the feeling of resistance.ย  If you’re caught up in that, it is by your choice. Your choice is important.

Here is where you would rebel against the idea of your choice. You would rather be a victim if it means that you can pretend you are not at fault. See this: Any role coming from judgment of the physical and experiences within it is a choice to see something other than what is Real, and it is definitely your choice. The ego thinks victimhood is an escape from blame, but blame is an invention of ego.

Ego was a choice you made, and it is a blameless, innocent choice. You can choose for the Reality of love over the falsehood of ego at any moment. In order to see your choice, you must begin to see the world and its apparent effects as powerless to affect You. Youย areย  Power. Powerlessness cannot affect Power. Power is beyond all cause and effect.

There is no blame, and there is no fault. There is no wrongdoing. There is nothing other than the constant emanation of love, and the experience of anything else is a choice for that experience.

You chose to bring down a visor, a cloud, in front of your sight. The bits and pieces of this imaginary visor are thoughts. You used thought to make this cloud, and we will use thought to help you emerge from it. You will seemingly learn to recognize false thought and learn to tune into true thought. Because thought precedes all experience, receiving true thought is more important than engaging in any judgment about the imaginary, the physical.

When you accept that you have always had a choice, and you have this same choice in each moment, you are able to set down judgment, effort and struggle because there is something much more important to accept. When you accept true thoughts, which are always waiting for you, you accept healing. When you accept healing, you are able to share it with others.

When you accept healing, what you appear to emanate in the physical will match what you and all others have always been emanating underneath all the varying roles that would distract you into judgment, struggle, effort, and a desire for victimhood that would seem to leave you free of blame.

When you allow your character to emanate or communicate in the physical what all characters unified–the true Self–have always been emanating underneath all the tumult of the physical, anyone at all can recognize that. Anyone at all can recognize the call of Truth and Home. You never lose that ability. True communicationย is emanation. You may be pretending to use time and words to do the job, but it is really much simpler than that.

What you are doing (and how you judge that) is far less important than what you are. Now, because you know you have a choice in each moment, you remember to pause the doing and your judgment of that. You ask to be shown Reality because knowing yourself as you are, all others as they truly are, is important to you. This full knowing is inevitable.

It is our great joy to seem to guide you to what has always been inevitable. The happy conclusion to your dream of chaos has always been guaranteed. From your perspective, you can take a short or a long trip Home. All urgency you feel is always your desire for the short trip Home, for the compression and release of the toy of time. When you recognize that for what is is, we can assist you in miraculous ways.

We thank you for showing up as conduits for the miracles that shift perception, ease worry, offer comfort, and help all know the innocent Power they have always been.

Photo byย Ibrahim Rifathย onย Unsplash

9 thoughts on “Power beyond all cause and effect

  1. Gorgeous support as we begin to play in 2019, a year of empowerment for all who choose it! Much gratitude to you, my friend. โค๏ธ Love, Jennifer

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