The homing beacon of desire

Desire leads you Home. Yes, in this world it appears to lead you on goose chases toward ephemeral and meaningless things, but focus on the core of desire. At the core of desire is that simple call for Home. Keep that flame burning bright. Know it for what it is every time it arises, and make the journey straight and swift.

It doesn’t matter what the desire seems to be for. Notice that desire seems to call you away from what you have been focused on toward something else. This call of desire is a wake-up call. Why would you call yourself away from something else? If that something else doesn’t have the meaning you think it has, it is a very good calling away. Look. See. Notice. Watch how the action of desire of any kind works before you judge it. See how it can be of benefit to you.

Desire is always calling you back to your whole, shared and innocent Self.

Each time you experience desire, you experience the idea that something is lacking. What was occurring in the moment prior to the moment you called yourself with desire? What was your focus? Watch how this works. Desire calls you to drop a meaningless focus and tells you to return Home.

The only thing that could ever be lacking is your full and whole awareness of yourself as you actually Are, as you always have been. If you are delaying on your way home by focusing on something meaningless as if it had a meaning more significant than the whole of you, desire will call you. Learn to appreciate its call, no matter what the form.

We encourage you to celebrate desire whenever you experience it. No matter how you currently interpret it, the ability to feel desire of any kind means that you can hear the call of Home. Cultivate a willingness to know what it is truly calling you to. It may seem to be an aspect of the illusion that calls, but wouldn’t you like to know the truth of it? Keep that curiosity alive, and don’t fight the force that leads you Home.

We are here with you, sure and steady as the call to return that will never leave you.

Photo by Luis Graterol on Unsplash

7 thoughts on “The homing beacon of desire

  1. I love this. I recently had a similar thought about desire…it being the main driving force behind creation.
    However, for what I judge as too long now, I have been feeling a lack of desire. Not a presence of apathy, but a lack of desire. It leaves me confused as to what to create.

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    1. I think I’ve experienced something similar.

      When I look at the field of no-desire (in my case), I see it ringed with anxiety waiting for its chance. Can it sell me a story about have-to-do-this or need-to-do-that, can it get the being running on the engine of fear?

      And then judgment seems to be hovering overhead. What are all the reasons of good and bad, superior and inferior that can be sold?

      Well, that was cheery! But when I look at desire again, there is also a desire not attached to anything phenomenal, just a force, like a lighted pathway.

      Thanks for that exploration 💗💙💗


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