Practice 7 – I allow a return to Knowing

If you experience any moments of stress or disturbance during your day, notice if that stress is based upon a definition of the physical. For example, “Traffic is not moving. That is why I feel frustrated.” This is your opportunity to see that interpreting the goodness or the badness of what you perceive in the physical always leads to a sense of strain, struggle, and imprisonment.

When you focus upon what you think you know based on physicality–knowledge–it doesn’t feel good. Be glad that it doesn’t. Feeling serves you.

After you have observed yourself turning to the false (the physical) for guidance, as something to react to, as a jumping off point for deciding further action as an ego, take a moment to return to yourSelf–a Self you share with all others who seem to be sharing the traffic experience with you.

Say this:
I allow a return to Knowing.

This represents a willingness to access guidance that will show you the way through the physicality you have been projecting with your divine siblings. When you allow a return to Knowing, you aren’t going to base your speech and actions and thoughts on reactiveness to the physical. You are going to allow all that to come from beyond. You are going to allow the solution to the problem to come from beyond its apparent source.

When you abide in Knowing, you allow miracles. Test this out for yourself.

Photo by Andrew Ruiz on Unsplash

For further reading, see True knowledge transcends the physical

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