True Knowledge transcends the physical

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Knowledge is not something that you accumulate in the physical. Knowledge is not facts and figures. Let’s use language to show a distinction. If you’re going to use the word knowledge to describe what people observe to be physically true of this world, then we invite you to use the word Knowing to represent “true knowledge.” There is fake knowledge that is part of the game of space and time you are playing, and then there is true knowledge, remembrance of the fact that what you experience here is just a game.

So to be clear, when we refer to fact and figure accumulation, we can call that knowledge. It is world-based, not Reality-based. It is illusion-based. It is fundamentally unstable. When we refer to that which assists you in returning to Truth, we call that Knowing. This is only a temporary distinction for your assistance. There is no need to give words a power they have never had.

Knowing is what you are. It’s something to which you return. When you Know (as all do Know), who you Are and recognize your character as a role, you also begin to recognize physicality as a set. It is a set you have invested with a power, a power over what you perceive to be yourself and others. Bodies are parts of this set that you grant the ability to control your body and other bodies. This is all perception, and it is chosen perception.

When you accept healing for yourself because you notice you are worshipping knowledge rather than returning to Knowing, you allow your perception to change. As your perception changes, you can see that physicality has no power or dominance of its own. It always has the power you are granting it perceptually through thought. When you grant power to physicality, you hear and believe ego thoughts. You have allowed repeated ego thoughts to congeal into what seem to be fairly solid beliefs.

When you allow Knowing to return, however, those beliefs cannot stand up next to Truth. They crumble and they melt. Because you looked at these beliefs as your safety and stability, there can be suffering as you allow them to be exposed. Any fixed belief represents an attachment to fear, a willingness to allow fear to run experience, to run physicality, to keep you in perceptual conflict and hell.

As you allow the belief, the attachment to fear, to emerge in the light, pain comes up, but pain also melts away in the light of your observing it. When you feel the pain and the insecurity of the exposed belief, also allow time for the remedy of its removal. If you decide it’s too painful to experience the pain of separate and conflicted identity on its way out, you will continue to try to hold onto this false identity, and that in itself is painful.

Knowing is not based upon the physical or relative to it in any way. Knowing stands unified, not needing the perception of any separate thing for its existence. When you turn everything that you perceive to be under personality’s control over to Knowing, then that Knowing will guide you effortlessly through time and space. You will Know what to do. You will Know what to say. You will Know where to go. There will be no figuring out. What you perceived before as a logical figuring out will be more of a sinking in past conflicted thought to access what Knowing would say to you.

Knowing is prior to space and time. It has nothing to do with space and time. When you gain access to Knowing, you return to what was before the experience of space and time. You must find a solution to the problem of the world from outside the world, not from within it. Knowing surrounds the perceptual world you made. It has no part in it because the perceptual world you made is nothing.

When you turn everything over to Knowing, you allow all the seemingly separate parts of the world you made (with egoic thoughts as its building blocks) to be turned over in service to healing. There is no need to judge any apparently separate part while you still perceive separation. Just know that each apparent part has been turned over to Healing, and allow Healing to do what it will, through you and through the apparent world and all of its dream characters.

Knowing is your gift, a gift that you are always sharing with all others while you appear to abide in space and time. When you catch yourself in a situation in which it appears two or more are in genuine conflict, remind yourself that all beings have access to Knowing, and when you access it, you allow the dream characters to be run by it. This is another way of saying that when you accept healing for yourself, it is shared immediately mind-to-mind.

Everybody Knows. Every being has immediate and full access to Knowing. When you remember this, you are not imprisoning your divine siblings within bodies, within beliefs, within knowledge. You are lighting up a pathway to Freedom because you are accepting Freedom in this moment.

We thank you for your willingness to see, for your willingness to give Reality to your siblings. When you give it to them, you accept it for yourSelf.

Photo by Andrew Ruiz on Unsplash

If you would like a practice, see Practice 7 – I allow a return to Knowing

5 thoughts on “True Knowledge transcends the physical

  1. What is Truth then in this world..? We discussed this yesterday at Unity service…can we put together a group of concepts and label them Truth. ?
    Is knowing beyond any concepts, beliefs, ideas..
    So many belief systems in ego world.
    Can we just take a breath and allow whatever flows in the moment to be It…
    Existence without attachment to any ideas?

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