Enactment from Presence

When you are reactive to anything, you are distracted away from your Self, from truth. Reactiveness is a signal that you depend on events and your judgments of them to tell you how to feel. From the human perspective, this is the most natural thing in the world. We are here, however, to assist as you become free from attachment. If you allow the next plot twist tell you how you feel, you are missing the source of all joy–you haven’t seen and felt it yet. This s what we are leading you to. The source of all joy is beyond phenomenality.

Our Self is the solution to all seeming problems, and our Self is beyond phenomenality, completely unaffected by the changeable because it is clear that what changes is not real. Phenomenality has no actual existence. Showing up as human means that there’s a perceived will to experience the unreal, but that will is just as unreal as the experience. What to do when one is having a bad dream? Turn to that which has existence. Focus upon the Reality of the Self.

We encourage you to notice reactivity to events. Your day seems to be broken up into many events, and you can notice yourself reacting to them. When you put yourself in the position of noticing instead of identifying totally with and as the reactor, reactivity itself is brought to the light. When reactivity is brought to the light, it dissolves. Notice that we are not telling you to struggle to stop a reaction. Noticing is enough. When you are noticing, without judgment–just observing–the light that bathes the reactivity is the light of the True Self. This is the invitation to the True and harmonious Self to handle phenomenality. There is an openness here, and that openness allows phenomenality to be handled by what is Real.

There is a clue in the word react. To react is to re-act, to enact again. A reaction is the enactment of the past. What you experience as phenomenality is simply a repetition of the past in changing forms. To notice the reaction without judgment is to bathe it in the light of the True Self, to allow the new and the fresh to solve all seeming problems. The character doesn’t need judgment to solve problems. Instead, True Self can solve all problems easily and without a character’s judgment or struggle. Simply bring all problems into the light of the True Self.

Let’s say an event happens during your day. You decide you do not like this event. There is reactivity. When you are reacting, you are identifying with and as a character who needs defense. True Self needs no defense. Events are judged by characters perpetually re-enacting a past–a past decision for strife. If you feel you are done with this cycle of re-enacting the same thing over and over again–just in different forms, you can step out of it. Simply see that you are much vaster and deeper than any character, and what you are has never needed any struggle or defense.

Look at the word strife. Its meaning comes from the action of striving, struggling, efforting. You tried to be what you are not–an endless succession of characters who could harm or be harmed–but it is inevitable that you will return to full awareness of True Self. In the meantime, you can show up as the character with the reassurance that all is and always has been well. Even though you decided to experience a roller coaster ride and struggled to preserve the experience of this roller coaster ride, everything has always been whole, well, and at peace.

As you walk through a day as a character, notice how you feel. How you feel is an indicator of what you think. If you don’t feel good, you are valuing thoughts that give phenomenality a power it has never had. Any not-good feeling is a sign that your attention is away from True Power. Simply put your attention on True Power–that which is beyond phenomenality, not that which struggles within phenomenality. Then the character can move forward effortlessly, at peace, and with all support needed.

While you are not the character, you seem to be starring as the character right now. Aid the trajectory of the character and all characters by focusing on who you truly Are. This power brings the story of what never was to a peaceful and joyful conclusion.

We stand outside of the story, always able to see how your True Self has always been outside of the story. We celebrate eternally, not because of any plot twist in your story, but because Who You Are is our joy. Without you, our joy is incomplete. It is always our great joy to assist you who are One with us.

Photo by sergee bee on Unsplash

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