Practice 19 – I invite the light out to play

We invite you to see through bodies and personalities today to the light that all share equally. As you become willing to see the light everyone is, you become willing to question your belief in egoic thought, which separates and defines others. Your belief in what doesn’t exist is the only thing that keeps you from witnessing this light consistently.

Take time for a three-minute meditation. Begin by saying to yourself:
I invite the light out to play

See yourself sinking beneath the surface of your perceptions and judgments to the foundation of Love all share. As you spend time here, see yourself as inviting the light to extend into your experience of everyone and everything today.

If you become distracted, return to:
I invite the light out to play

End with:
I invite the light out to play

If you experience disturbance during the day, remind yourself:
I invite the light out to play

The light is present everywhere, in everyone and everything, and it can shine through all limiting concepts.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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