Waves of remembrance

Nothing can change what you are. You are immutable, vast, always safe from harm, never harming. You are the changeless. No passing condition can affect this.

Nothing can change the beauty and sanctity of what you are.  Conditions and circumstances come and go, but nothing can affect the stability of who you are, of who everyone else is. Once you see this, more and more, you will see there is no reason to attach to fear. As you stop attaching to fear, others will also stop, and you’ll witness perception turning itself right side up again.

When you’re seeing things as they are, you can see that all disturbing conditions and possible threats are illusory experiences you’re always making together When you can see clearly that you are the source of the perception of disorder, you stop making disorder. When you learn to stop making disorder within the illusion, others follow suit.

What you are is far more important and powerful than passing conditions. Passing conditions are distractions you made in order to experience yourself as something other than what you are. You did a very good job of forgetting who you are. The attempt to experience yourself as who you are not and could never be was successful. It was only temporary, however. It was only temporary, and it’s already over. If you seem to be still in the midst of it, that’s part of the illusion, too.

Can you see how safe you are in the midst of an experience that is already over, an experience that ended happily and never had any power to harm you? Yes, during this experience you enacted many times a pantomime of an ending of you. It could never be anything but stagecraft, no matter how real it seemed.

There is no longer any need to enact pantomimes of harm and death.

Ego would tell you that it is the passing conditions that have power. Ego would draw you into such enactments. Ego-messages would draw you in to enacting scenarios of aggressor and victim. Ego calls you to enact being a victim to others, being a victim to circumstances. Ego says there really is a separate you, and separate-you really can get hurt. Ego says separate-you can and will suffer.

This is the whole purpose of ego. It exists because you made it, and you made it to convince yourself that you are cut off from the power and wholeness you are, that you are vulnerable, that you begin and you end, that there is a reason to fear conditions and a reason to fear others.

You started to see things upside down on purpose. You wanted to un-know the vast and limitless power you are. You wanted to know limits. You got what you wanted, but the only way for you to deliver it to yourself was to lie to yourself, to confuse yourself. You did a very good job, and now you are done.

Being done, you are now going to send out waves of remembrance to and through seeming others. Watch, delight in mutual remembrance, and flow with the happy resolution to your willful forgetting.

Photo by Oz MLCN on Unsplash

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