Put first things first

You’re here to remember your freedom. The sooner you remember your freedom, the sooner you can share it with all others.

You tend to think of freedom as an independent, free-of-others kind of thing, but freedom is union with all others. Not with their masks and their efforts and their false, defensive fronts, but with who they are. Freedom is union. Freedom is the truth of us, and it’s something you already have. Any struggle to get free denies that you are free now and gives power to illusion.

Instead of struggle, we recommend focus–strong, steady focus.

What would distract you from the ever-present love you have always been? Nothing at all. In other words, illusion, that which appears to be a something. What illusion would you put before your awareness that Love is everything? Consult your feelings. Your feelings are a beautiful technology. Anytime you feel tension or contraction, you are putting something before your awareness of love’s ever-presence.

Pay attention to I want and I need. Feel how those feel. Don’t struggle to deny I want and I need. Don’t struggle to try to repress behaviors that seem to come from those. Simply tune into the feelings associated with I want and I need. The I is whole and complete, always. If you feel any tension at all associated with a struggle to get or achieve, simply look at it. Feel it. You are chasing after illusions, but when it becomes very clear to you what feels open and expansive and what doesn’t, you flow more with the open and the expansive. It’s very obvious.

You would do well to assume that the path in front of you is becoming very well-lit and obvious–all because you are willing to experience feeling.

When you focus upon your union with God, yourself as Love, everyone else as Love, perfectly placed to assist you through your awakening, all that your character apparently wants and needs in this drama will be supplied. Allow everything to follow from your awareness of your union with all that is.

What would you want to handle yourself? Can you feel the stress and tension of wanting to embark on a dream in which you alone are in charge? Isn’t it interesting that the feelings of stress and tension is the signal that you are attempting to hold onto and control nothing at all?

Pleasure, as this world knows it, is about distracting you from the stress and tension you feel due to your attachment to an illusion. This does not mean that you have to work hard to eliminate what you see as chasing after pleasure. Remember, what you are experiencing now is only the result of past thought. Past thought is over. In attempting to control behavior, you’re trying to go backwards, and it doesn’t actually feel good.

Simply pay attention to feelings. Whenever you’re oriented toward illusion, you can feel it. Whenever you feel this feeling, it is time to stop pretending to do things on your own. It is time to take advantage of the harmony in which you have always existed. So you stop. You ask for help. You orient yourself toward guidance. You stay open. Eventually, you will feel a “go” impulse that holds no tension. It just feels very obvious.

If you are willing to use time to wait for these go-impulses, everything will start to flow because you are putting guidance first. Guidance comes from the whole of us. Trying to control things comes from an illusory identity. You will be able to feel the difference on subtler and subtler levels because you are willing to feel.

By the way, you cannot judge whether or not anyone else is flowing, so don’t even try. What you are feeling is about your flow–not anyone else’s, not ever. You are here simply to join the flow. Your joining what you consider to be your perception to the flow calls others there, and that is all.

As you use this beautiful technology of feeling, signals get louder. Loud signals lead to effortless action. Give yourself the gift of this effortlessness by putting first things first.

Situations that bring up your own feelings are always for you. They help you to understand how you have been feeling, and they assist you in tuning into guidance and making it primary.  When the signal of feeling gets too loud to ignore, you drop what you don’t need. It becomes very obvious. You don’t need adverse circumstances to tell you what you have been feeling and ignoring (through willful action) when you are willing to feel today.

This why paying attention to feelings instead of trying to control behavior is a very efficient means of remembering your freedom, thereby sharing it with others.

Put first things first, and allow your path to be obvious and well-lit. You are very loved and always appreciated.

Photo by Neil Rosenstech on Unsplash

7 thoughts on “Put first things first

  1. Is the feeling i am looking for (or watching out for) the contraction in my heart – it comes up whenever the switch of my small-egoic mind gets turned on? At that point, rather than trying to control the outside circumstances, i should just watch and go back to the place within – of knowing – all is well, right? Did I understand you right? Please forgive me if I am troubling you too much.

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    1. You are sharing yourself with me–a gift 💚

      Yes, that’s it. Guidance is very practical, so the perception reset can reach us in the middle of whatever we are doing, in the span of one breath. We only need the willingness to have our perception cleared.

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