Greetings from yourSelf

Good morning! You are actively awakening from the dream of fear, and we are pleased to assist you. You are willing to notice and feel where you rely upon fear in all its forms (any emotion that feels negative) to attach “you” to the world you project, and we delight in this collaboration.

In order to be able to unwind from the dream of fear, you have to be willing to see where you attach to fear. When you watch the character you call yourself, willing to feel how everything feels, you can feel all the points of contraction where you are attaching and projecting. If you stop every time you notice one of these points of attachment, we are there to assist you with release. When you allow this release, you are sharing it with all of your divine siblings across time and space. The need to attach to fear, the need to project diminishes.  This message of release is what you communicate.

We’d like to assist you in penetrating into perceived stability, into routine, fixed definitions. Anywhere you feel you are protecting something or holding something stable, let’s look at that. Let’s see where these concepts are a cover for fear. Allow the light to emerge into your experience, where you can share it, by your willingness to look. When you look, you look as the love you are.

Let’s do the same thing with the idea of self-control. Anywhere you think that you as a separate entity are doing anything, controlling anything, preventing anything, maintaining anything, let’s look at that. Anywhere at all you feel the tension of struggle, be curious about that. What are the nuts and bolts of it? Let’s go in and shine a light on the structure of projection. It’s amazing how it dissolves and frees you from the structure of the small self when you look at it.

This is the cleaning out of closets, and you should feel lighter and lighter as you allow yourself to feel those moments of terror, depression, resentment and despair. You are running into the feelings which you used the perception of the world (including the worldly “you” and the worldly “others”) to cover up. You feel it for an instant, and then you allow us to clear it.

Our deepest thanks to you (which is only the description of our eternal and shared being) as you allow the work that serves all.

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

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