Waking each other up

Now is the fun part of the game when you wake each other up. You will be given many opportunities to release what you don’t need, to let go of what interferes with smooth and joyful game play. You will find many moments of joy as you begin to see clearly who all are and who all aren’t. As you begin to see who all aren’t, it is very easy to ignore. When it is ignored, it is given no food, no fuel. It dries up and withers away.

As you begin to see who everyone is, you allow them to speak to you in the voice of Oneness. They become your sure guides. The light they are shines away everything that would speak of discord and disturbance.

It’s like a big family reunion. You see yourSelf in all. You see how all are united, so very beautiful in that Unity. You invite all to witness it with you, and as you see others more and more clearly, they always send that same invitation to you.

There is a part of the mind of everyone perceived separate that is abiding in peace right now. That is the part you consciously connect with now. You know that this is where your happiness is. Your happiness comes from your abiding connection with the peace in every mind, your willingness to see peace expressed and shared everywhere. Your happiness doesn’t come from specific world conditions or specific body conditions.

There is a part of each mind that knows everything there is to be known on this journey. This part of the mind is beyond all doubt. When you know this part of the mind exists in everyone, you can help bring it to everyone’s awareness.  Think of this: Just your presence helps shine all doubt away. Just your presence brings immense comfort. Delight in this. Delight in the way your presence is the presence of All. Delight in the way that your awareness of everyone’s Beauty and Strength helps everyone see and experience the Beauty and Strength present and alive within all divine siblings.

There is a part of the mind that only wants to extend Love. You can connect with this part of all minds.  As you realize how very loving everyone is underneath the surface, you become aware of how much you love them. As you radiate and exude that love, you help them wake up to the Love that everyone else is, and how very safe they are in that Love.

This journey is shared, and no one gets left behind. We have always been shining upon you with great joy at seeing the light you are, and we rejoice that you can see it in all others now.

If you would like a practice, see Practice 22 – I see the true Being in all

Photo by Elijah Hiett on Unsplash

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