Practice 25 – I stop to return to my Self

Today we recognize the value of feelings. Every feeling either reflects or calls you to the joy that heals the world. When we say that the world is healed, we mean that your perception is healed so you can see a healed world.

When it seems a feeling brings you down into contraction, it is a service. The feeling is taking you down into what you are choosing as your foundation. You can see the architecture of it when you stop to look. If a feeling takes you down into ego, you can see that you are choosing egoic thoughts to guide you, and they don’t feel good.

Ego will suggest that rather than feeling how it is to attach to egoic thought, you should find someone or something to blame. Instead of taking ego’s suggestion, you can sink through the illusion of ego to your true foundation of Love. It cannot be said enough–Love is what you truly are, and you share this pure identity with all.

When you put Love in charge of everything, you allow miracles in your world that reveal a healed world to you. We invite you to sink down into the sure foundation of the Love you are, beyond all disturbed thought, whenever you have the opportunity today.

Begin a three-minute meditation with:
I stop to return to my Self.

See yourself floating gently down to the home of flow, of inspired ideas, the home of ease and appreciation that can carry you through your day. 

If any disturbing thought arises, remind yourself:
I stop to return to my Self.

As you end the meditation, go forth into the day with this intention:
I stop to return to my Self.

As you abide where you truly are, you will be able to appreciate the true Being of all your fellows. When you speak to them from your true foundation, you invite them to speak from that same place.

For further reading, see Love takes care of all things

Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash

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