Video: Seeing through categories of acceptance and rejection

Guidance on understanding our feelings of interfacing with people’s categories of acceptance and rejection–seeing it as part of the healing process and understanding that we are releasing.

Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

3 thoughts on “Video: Seeing through categories of acceptance and rejection

  1. I’m not sure I understanding your mention of the “healing process,” and releasing. What are we healing from exactly? Is it our own thoughts on whether we are going to be accepted and/or rejected by other people, and how this might affect our interfacing socially with people in general? Are we keen to release the tendency to even wonder whether categories of acceptance/rejection come into play?


    1. When I’m talking about the healing process, I’m talking about toggling over from separate self identification to shared Self identification.

      We’re allowing corrected perception related to who we are, who everyone else is, and what this world is for.

      Yes, our own thoughts about whether we are going to be accepted or rejected by other people are felt, but we’re also sensing that which in the past we’ve felt about others and used as a basis for judgment and therefore perception of our selves as separate. What I mean by that is that we do feel and sense the other guy’s stuff–where their acceptance is conditional, where they are actively rejecting, but if we are disturbed by it, then it is always a reflection of where we have the same thing going on. So it’s always an opportunity for perception correction.

      If the idea of acceptance/rejection comes into the mind in social settings and there’s any disturbed feeling around it, it’s our gift because we’re being given the exact longitude and latitude of where we can allow vision (true seeing) to replace judgment (deciding from the perspective of a separate and insecure self).

      So I’d say we’re keen to release so much, but we also know that part of release is accepting how things are showing up right now. We accept all our patterns because we know that simple observation of them allows them to dissolve.

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      1. Thank you for explaining so thoroughly. I’m sensing NLP, which I fully embrace.

        Personally, I’m not burdened by the idea of acceptance/rejection in social settings because I accept myself as I know myself to be. No approval/rejection/judgments from others is ever given more than 15% out of 100% of my thought(s).

        The only parts of myself that I lovingly reject are those that no longer serve my highest and best self.

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